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October 6, 2011


by pastortimfowler

Moving on from those inspiring talks about cremation, it was sad to hear about Steve Jobs losing his fight with cancer. In case you have been living in a crematorium or under a rock, Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple and most people say that he was the inspiration for most of the really cool stuff that they put out. I don’t own an Apple, but that is only because I can barely turn on a computer and my wife only lets me play Angry Birds on her little I-pad looking thing.
I don’t know if Mr. Jobs was a Christian or not and that is not the point of this blog, but I do pray that his family and friends find peace that comes from knowing Jesus. What I do know about him was that he believed in something with all his heart. He believed in his company and his products from that company. I used to watch his speeches as Apple would launch a new I-pod, pad, or phone. He was the poster child for the “this is awesome” believer. As he described the new product and demonstrated its features, he was like a proud dad whose son just made the all-star team. He walked and talked with confidence and pride in what he was selling. He never apologized for it being too expensive, or to complicated, he only said, this is worth it and I believe in it.
If you watch the tech world, everyone seems to follow the Apple innovations. Everyone makes their version of the Ipod, Ipad, and Iphone. Everyone sees the greatness in the concept and the way it can make the consumer more in touch with people and business. I see people in Starbucks drinking their frappalattacreamochas and using their I-stuff and thinking that maybe I should get something besides this small coffee, black, and my HP laptop. Speaking of small coffee, the coffee monkey behind the counter at Starbucks got mad at me when I asked him to put the “tall” cup next to the other cups and show me why he could not understand that I wanted a small coffee, not a tall coffee. If your tall is the smallest cup, then call it a small…duh.
Anyway, my point in all this is that when you believe in something with all your heart and you act like you believe in it and you share that passion with others, it will make others desire what you have, or at least divert their thoughts from the tall or small argument long enough to notice you. You won’t have to put down the competition or even comment about them in order for people to follow you or what you believe in. Just be passionate and believe that what you have is worth whatever it costs and don’t apologize. People will pay more, sacrifice, or do whatever is needed to get something that is life changing and that someone else is truly passionate about.
Of course I will take this opportunity to say that Christians should think about this way of displaying their faith. If Steve Jobs were a Christian, and I don’t know either way, and he were talking about Jesus the same way he talked about I-stuff, and I were to hear him as someone with Jesus, I would at least check out Jesus because of his passion.
But you can apply this to anything you are doing and it will make a difference. There is enough bad attitudes and slandering in the world today and it only makes others feel as if they have to do the same to get by. I could care less if you ever bought any I-stuff, but I would love to see you get some of Steve Jobs’ attitude of I-believe. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

August 19, 2011

A Job Well Done

by pastortimfowler

The other day I talked with someone about why they need to stay on their job. It was hard to believe that they were even considering quitting a job in this economy. They wanted to quit because they did not like anything about the job. The people were difficult to work with, the pay was lousy, the job was difficult, and the hours were unpredictable. That has to be tough, but is there a positive twist you can put on it?
First, from the standpoint of the economy, we could all probably give an account of someone we know that does not have a job and can’t find one. Few places are hiring and those who are have so many applicants that they can be very picky over who they hire. Many people are looking for any job, and that means employers can set the highest of standards. Add to that the number of people who are applying for these few jobs and it is tough. Quitting a job now is a recipe for even harder times if you do not have another job to transfer into.
Second, let me share a biblical point of view. This will be fun, so read on.
God gave you that job. Rejoice and be glad in it. He said that He would meet our needs not our wants. Perhaps God wants us to show faithfulness in the small things before He gives us the big things. The workplace today needs to see what a good work ethic is. It would be a great witness, to those who don’t believe, to see a Christian work hard and honor those in authority. People need to hear and see that our actions match up. They need to see that we believe that good things come from God and a job of any type right now is a good thing.
Sometimes we forget that the strongest witness we can give to others is in our workplace. Another time is when we are going through a struggle. Combine the two and there is a real opportunity to let our faith shine. We live in a world that promotes a victim mind-set. People really believe that life should be fair and I have never found that to be true. The only two things that are fair in life is the fact that we all face judgement, the same judgement, for our sins and God through Jesus Christ forgives us, any of us, if we ask. Other than that, fairness is only equal to the opportunity that is in front of us not the results of it. If fairness is what was important, it would only be fair that a blind man could drive a car on our interstates and I could be a brain surgeon even though I know nothing about it. I mean, it just isn’t fair that I don’t get to do what I want, is it?
I believe that God puts us in various situations to see if we remember to honor Him in all things, not just the stuff we think is good. Difficult work means a chance to test our perseverance. Those people who are so hard to work with may need to see Jesus in you. You may be that only example of Jesus that they will see. Low pay means a chance to practice good stewardship and faith that God will provide. Unpredictable hours mean a chance to be ready to share our faith in season and out of season.
Let me leave you with this example of someone who had a tough job, with tough people to work with, unreasonable hours, and their pay sucked. His name is Jesus.
He was hired to work with fishermen and tax collectors. He left Heaven to work on earth during a tougher time that we know now. He was on call 24/7 and never got the pay that He deserved. No matter how hard He tried, people turned on Him and ended up firing Him from His job in a most cruel way. All the time He never quit, never gave up, and never stopped honoring God. In return, many were saved, He is the example for all to follow, and God said, “A job well done!”