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August 6, 2012

Don’t Burn Out!

by pastortimfowler


I feel like my head is spinning. The last week has been crazy. Between traveling and church stuff and international students invading my house and little rug-rats all last week and now my friend from the Philippines is here, I can’t catch my breath. But wow it has been good. I have seen God at work in so many ways.  He even found time to give me a sanity break with my wife tonight.
It is hard to understand how people can say that they get burned out with God.
I understand that you can get burned out if you are serving your church, but maybe that is the problem. Maybe you are getting burned out because serving the church is not always serving God. (Gasp!) That’s right, I said it. Serving God and serving the church can be two different things. The church has a tendency of becoming overburdening while Jesus said His yoke was easy and burden was light. God does not cause burn out.
Now this does not mean that you will never have problems if you serve God. But God promises that when we are being productive Christians and serving Him that we will have joy and peace and love and it will be rewarding and there is nothing to get burned out about that. We have been called to ministry. The word minister means to serve. We have also been called to do all things like we are doing them for God. So if you are serving God in whatever you do and you remember that He is the one rewarding what you do, it makes it easier to serve with joy and avoid burnout.
If you are one who is feeling burn out, then maybe it is time to spend a few minutes alone with God to ask why. Be honest about what you are doing and feeling and listen for that still, small voice to say that it may be time to change. It may be time to change your attitude. Perhaps you are doing what God wants, but you are not doing it for His glory. Perhaps what you are doing is not truly a ministry. Maybe it is a church position that hasn’t changed in 100 years and is no more a ministry than clipping your toenails. FYI, I grow mine really long before cutting them and then donate them to people whose toenails fall off, kinda like the hair thing people do. Perhaps you are doing too much and you need to let someone else serve. Here is another FYI…your church will not fall apart if you stop doing something.
Burn out can happen to anyone who is not serving God or serving in a ministry of God. Feeling burned out is like when your car begins to backfire. It is a warning sign that something is wrong. The number one reason people’s cars quit running properly is because they don’t read their owner’s manual and follow the instructions for preventive maintenance. The reason Christians face burn out is because they don’t read the Bible and follow its instructions. So if you are listening for God’s voice and you don’t recognize it, it might be time to familiarize yourself with what God sounds like through reading His word.
Don’t burn out! Get fired up!

April 27, 2011

Listen to the voices

by pastortimfowler

I watched the new show called The Voice last night. I thought it was a bit strange. It is another attempt to find the “next big thing” in the music industry. If you didn’t watch it or don’t know what it is, let me tell you briefly. Four current music stars are playing music scouts and they sit in four chairs that swivel and they have their backs turned to the stage. A contestant comes out to sing, they can’t see them and have to decide if they want to take them on their team to try to become “The Voice”. When they like the voice they hear, they hit a button and the chair turns around with a sign lit that says “I want you”. If more than one scout hits their button the contestant can choose which one will be their coach.
The good news is that the voices had already been screened and we did not have to endure weeks of screeching and horrible auditions like on another show. Most of the ones I saw had good voices.
What I found funny is how some of these folks looked and the looks on the faces of the scouts when they turned around and saw who had that voice. I think what they are trying to do is find people who a really ugly and make them a star. Sure they had some good-looking people on there, if not, that would be discrimination, but many were ugly.
I can say that because I know ugly. I am not ugly, but I have seen ugly all my life and can recognize it when I see it. There are a lot of people who can’t see ugly. They have been blinded by political correctness and offendophobia. They are the type of people who hear the story of the ugly duckling and try to say it is just different. Ugly is different, so in that aspect they are correct, but different does not mean not ugly. It is the UGLY ducking.
I don’t mind listening to ugly people sing. I grew up in the days of radio being the main source of music, and when you did get to see the artist, most people in the audience were stoned and did not care about looks. Beer goggles do work on musicians too. I am glad that I do not drink or do drugs anymore. I have not for over 20 years, so again I am qualified to recognize ugly. But today we have an image to put with almost every musician. Beauty and sex appeal are a big part of the music industry. It is pushed into every form of music, including what our kids see and hear, so parents be careful.
So there was a couple of contestants that had incredible voices and when the scouts turned around you could see the looks of, “dang” and “what tha?” on their faces. One girl who was picked sang a song by Janice Joplin. Janice was not known for her looks either, but that was back in the days that I spoke of earlier. The song was done with passion and the voice was great. But this woman was ugly. She looked like me if I were a woman; bald. If I were a woman I would be smoking hot and every other woman would want to be like me, but I am not and she was ugly.
Some of you need to calm down. I like ugly people and would never be cruel. It is not really cruel to say someone is ugly if they are. Trust me, ugly people know that they are ugly. I would love to have her in our band at church. Our church likes ugly people, just look around…(hahahahahahaha) I kill me, sometimes.
Years ago a fellow named Shel Silverstein wrote a song, made famous by Bobby Bare, titled “Yellow-Haired Woman” It was about how a woman with different hair colors will end up doing a man wrong. This is the last verse of that song:
But a bald-headed woman, we’ll love you each day.
You can beat her and kick her, but she’ll always stay.
‘Cause she knows no one’s coming to steal her away —
Hooray for a bald-headed woman!
* More lyrics:
* All about Shel Silverstein:
As you can see, ugly has been recognized for years. And this is not about women who have cancer or other sickness that causes hair loss. This about ugly on purpose. There were others who sang that were ugly too. Some had hair, some were old, some had no excuse. But they all had voices that were beautiful and that was what the show is about.
Please understand that this is a humorous blog. Humor only has enough truth in it to make it believable. In this case it is humor about ugly. But here is some good news. God loves ugly people too! And if you feel offended and think that I am cruel, God will love you and help you to get over it. He will teach you forgiveness and then you can apply what you have learned to me. Because the bottom line is to listen to the voices.

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