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January 9, 2012


by pastortimfowler

Lately there has been a lot a media attention about the Denver Bronco’s quarterback, Tim Tebow and his Christianity. It is funny that there has been so much criticism for him making a public display by kneeling in prayer so often. But I don’t think that Tebow should feel special, after all he did not get this thing started, and our modern media was not the first to criticize.
Jesus came on the scene as a guy that few recognized for who he was and what an impact on the world He would have. Even though there were thousands of years of prophesy pointing to His coming, those who knew the prophesies best, did not recognize Him when He made the scene. It was a very religious crowd of people who got the ball rolling toward criticizing Christianity, or in this case Christ. From there it overflowed into society and there has been a steady flow ever since.
I guess some ask, why the criticism? After all, Jesus was not a man who did a lot of intimidation to those He met. He was humble, kind, and compassionate. He was the perfect Christian, duh, and yet He got slammed by those who did not understand Him or like Him. I hear many Christians today saying that the church does not resemble Jesus very much and that is why we are criticized. I will be the first to agree that the church has gotten off track in being what Christ wanted us to be. But, there aren’t any perfect people, even Christians, so that should not be a surprise. But what about someone like Tim Tebow. What has he done that is so un-Christ like? Kneel and give God glory in public? Help little children who are needy? And yet he still gets blasted at every turn.
There is nothing Christians can do to stop this. If we are not Christ-like then we are hypocrites, if we are Christ-like then we are “holier than thou”. So what should we do? How can we stop this injustice and get everyone on our side. After all, Christians have feelings too. (Pardon me as I wipe the tears away and blow my nose.) Hopefully those who know me and read my blog regularly know that there was sarcasm in that and something else is coming. So here it is.
Stop your whining and grow up, Christians. Jesus was not a whiner. He even told us that we would be criticized. He said people would hate us. He said that should not stop us from loving people. He said to love those who hate you and pray for those who persecute you. He never told us that everybody would love us if we just acted a certain way. Christians spend far to much time holding their feelings out for the world to see and hoping to get some sympathy instead of looking for those who need sympathy and running to encourage them. We were not put here to receive praise from humanity, but rather to glorify God in heaven.
Christians are not the only people who get criticized by others. So do any other religions outside the Christian faith, and we are the ones who criticize. If we don’t like criticism, perhaps we should not criticize. I am not saying that we can’t point out differences and truths, but stop the badmouthing for the sake of nothing better to do.
But, there are others who receive criticism regularly too. Politicians, coaches, referees, teachers, lawyers, drivers, children, parents, and people who let their dogs bark all night, to name a few. In other words, Christians are not special because we get criticized by others. So get over it, please. Tim Tebow is a big boy and if he weren’t a Christian he would be criticized for his lack of passing ability, his pour throwing mechanics, and his bad decision making in games. But all that amounts to nothing when you win the game.
Christ has given us the victory! Let that overshadow the criticism.