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August 24, 2012

Back To School

by pastortimfowler

Back to School 2


As I was taking our international student to school today I noticed that all the other kids were back to school this week. He goes to a private school that started over a week before public school did. The traffic was heavier and slower thanks to the buses on the road. I was starting to think about letting Freddy ride a bicycle so that I could avoid that morning madness. The way my wife is feeding him, he could use the exercise.
Going back to school always made me sick. I got sick more during the school year than any other time. I never got the kind of sick that made me run a fever, usually it was a stomach ache. Most of the time it was only an 8 hour bug that really seemed to start easing off within an hour of the bus going by my house. My guess is that I was allergic to something at school; probably having to do with those old books.
My mom never posted pictures on Facebook of me going back to school. She didn’t cry and get all emotional either. Well, I did see her laughing hysterically a few times as I looked out the bus window. I don’t remember any parents, “back in the day” posting kids going to school on Facebook. Parents just sent their kids off on the bus or that dreaded 3 mile, uphill walk in knee-deep snow, and then they would all meet to celebrate with moonshine, fresh from the still.
When my kids were young and going to school, we never had to worry about sending them back to school. They never got out of school through the summer. But on the rare occasion that one of them passed a grade and got a break from school, we did not post their pictures on Facebook. To be honest, we did not take many pictures of our kids at all. We figured that because they had to live with us anyway, why create any evidence that could be held against us when they moved out.
Facebook is a great thing. I use it to post my blogs, stalk, I mean, keep up with a few close friends, and find material for my blogs, like thousands of pictures of kids going back to school. I do not believe that Facebook was created for back to school pictures posted by parents. It was created by a college student. College students don’t post anything that parents are proud of, why should parents do otherwise? Facebook should be limited to pictures of those report cards, or, pictures of that letter from the truant officer and/or notice of suspensions that will drive many of you to drinking again. But then again, my parents didn’t post those things about me on Facebook either.
So, rejoice that the little ones are going back to school. Go ahead and post those cute little pictures, we know what is coming later. Those little angels who look so cute now, will be those fallen angels with colored hair, stuff sticking through their nose, and pre-drawn tattoos as they wait to turn 18 and really embarrass you.
I want to leave you with a Bible verse to go with all of this. Philippians 4:4 Always be joyful in the Lord! I’ll say it again: Be joyful!

December 31, 2011

No More This Year

by pastortimfowler

I have decided that this will be the last blog that I do for the rest of the year. I figure that I will start back sometime next year. Please be patient and don’t panic. For my last blog of 2011, I thought it would be good to say thanks to everyone who has read any of my blogs and share a few last thoughts for the year.
I do read every bit of feedback that I get. I do not post every reply because some are not appropriate to be posted on a church website, where all of my blogs are posted. Some are simply personal and other are redundant. But I do read and appreciate your feedback.
This year was the first time that I have ever attempted to blog on a regular basis. It has been quite challenging to not get repetitive and to continually come up with something worth reading. Some of you are waiting patiently for that to happen still. I have found some of the best ideas for blogs come from you guys. Many this year have come from one particular friend who loves to challenge me and I think that she likes to give topics that she knows that I will get blasted for. I do enjoy the challenge and I hope that next year more people will offer suggestions for topics. As you can tell, I don’t shy away from many, even though I probably should.
It has been my goal to be honest, biblical, and funny. To challenge you to think outside of what is comfortable and to learn from the things that others respond back with. I try hard to state plainly when it is an opinion and I try even harder to not offend, although that is virtually impossible. I do wish that some people would not get so uptight about things that are clearly one person’s opinion or even an attempt at humor. Humor is one of my favorite tools, no matter how lame the attempt.
My life has been a roller coaster of experience from one extreme to the other. Through it all, God has been very merciful and has not yet killed me for being stupid from time to time. Instead, He has allowed me to learn from my mistakes, given me an abundance of chances to change for the better, I hope. I believe that it is God that motivates me to share my life and thoughts through these blogs and I will do my best to always give Him the WOOHOO’s that He deserves.
Thanks again for reading. 2011 was pretty good, 2012 is going to be great!

April 18, 2011

Re-post This

by pastortimfowler

If you are on Facebook you have seen something like this:
I have a personal reason for asking if everyone could please put this as their status for 1 hour. I know the ones that will. Think of the ones you know or love who has or had cancer. My wish is that a cure will be found soon as possible. Will you post it for 1 hour.
There are some that are about daughters, moms, other ailments, Christianity and who knows what else. I have actually had people get upset with me for not re-posting something like this and my response is always the same…leave me alone. Not really, but I think it.
Here is my question; What in the world did we do before Facebook to show that we cared about something? I know when I was a juvenile delinquent I use to re-post things that I saw on bathroom walls, but that was not really the same. I re-posted a fence one time because a car took out several of the original posts, but that is not the same.
I re-posted a poster one time because it fell, not because I really cared about the cause.
When I care about a cause I get involved. One of my favorite things to do is give blood. It is easy and relatively painless and only takes about thirty minutes. I have special blood too, O negative, anybody can take it. But according to some on Facebook I don’t really care unless I re-post something that tells everyone how special giving blood is and how I know someone who really has blood, but lost it and now needs it if I re-post.
As most of you know, I am a pastor. I read the Bible a lot. The other day I came across this verse: For God so loved the world, because it was personal to Him, and He would like us to post this for an hour, He knows the ones who will do it because they really care. Everyone else who doesn’t re-post must not really care so He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life…if they re-post this. WOW! I was freaked out!
I am not sure if God is unhappy with me or not if I refuse to re-post that I believe in Him. I do know that if all I do is post and re-post stuff on Facebook and I don’t help those in need and love those who need love, that He is not happy. But I am pretty sure that my standing with Him is not based on a Facebook post or re-post.
I know that I have probably lost half of my small number blog followers because they may have read this. In fact, the part at the beginning of this blog is copied from a FB friend’s post. Hey!!! I just re-posted!
I know that the heart of those who do this stuff is probably good. I also know that awareness is important to a cause. But I also know that just because I don’t re-post what you think is important or what describes your idea of how I love my family, fight against disease, or show my faith, does not mean that I don’t care.
I have a personal reason for asking if everyone could please put this as you status for ever. I know the ones who will. Re-post this if you really care about people who want you to re-post everything. I know that some won’t because I care more about this than they do, but if you really care that I don’t care, then re-post this.

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