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October 6, 2011


by pastortimfowler

Moving on from those inspiring talks about cremation, it was sad to hear about Steve Jobs losing his fight with cancer. In case you have been living in a crematorium or under a rock, Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple and most people say that he was the inspiration for most of the really cool stuff that they put out. I don’t own an Apple, but that is only because I can barely turn on a computer and my wife only lets me play Angry Birds on her little I-pad looking thing.
I don’t know if Mr. Jobs was a Christian or not and that is not the point of this blog, but I do pray that his family and friends find peace that comes from knowing Jesus. What I do know about him was that he believed in something with all his heart. He believed in his company and his products from that company. I used to watch his speeches as Apple would launch a new I-pod, pad, or phone. He was the poster child for the “this is awesome” believer. As he described the new product and demonstrated its features, he was like a proud dad whose son just made the all-star team. He walked and talked with confidence and pride in what he was selling. He never apologized for it being too expensive, or to complicated, he only said, this is worth it and I believe in it.
If you watch the tech world, everyone seems to follow the Apple innovations. Everyone makes their version of the Ipod, Ipad, and Iphone. Everyone sees the greatness in the concept and the way it can make the consumer more in touch with people and business. I see people in Starbucks drinking their frappalattacreamochas and using their I-stuff and thinking that maybe I should get something besides this small coffee, black, and my HP laptop. Speaking of small coffee, the coffee monkey behind the counter at Starbucks got mad at me when I asked him to put the “tall” cup next to the other cups and show me why he could not understand that I wanted a small coffee, not a tall coffee. If your tall is the smallest cup, then call it a small…duh.
Anyway, my point in all this is that when you believe in something with all your heart and you act like you believe in it and you share that passion with others, it will make others desire what you have, or at least divert their thoughts from the tall or small argument long enough to notice you. You won’t have to put down the competition or even comment about them in order for people to follow you or what you believe in. Just be passionate and believe that what you have is worth whatever it costs and don’t apologize. People will pay more, sacrifice, or do whatever is needed to get something that is life changing and that someone else is truly passionate about.
Of course I will take this opportunity to say that Christians should think about this way of displaying their faith. If Steve Jobs were a Christian, and I don’t know either way, and he were talking about Jesus the same way he talked about I-stuff, and I were to hear him as someone with Jesus, I would at least check out Jesus because of his passion.
But you can apply this to anything you are doing and it will make a difference. There is enough bad attitudes and slandering in the world today and it only makes others feel as if they have to do the same to get by. I could care less if you ever bought any I-stuff, but I would love to see you get some of Steve Jobs’ attitude of I-believe. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

September 21, 2011

My Team Is Winning!

by pastortimfowler

If you have followed my blogs for any time you will know that I love baseball and college football. Specifically, my team in baseball is the Braves and in college football its the SC Gamecocks. This made for some tough times through that years because both teams had some really lousy years. But there have been some great years, like with the Braves making the play-offs for 13 years straight and the Gamecocks lately have at least been in the top 25 rankings. It is good to be able to say, “My team is winning!”.
This morning I was reading blog from Pastor Perry Noble of Newspring church in Anderson SC. It was about whether or not churches should keep track of numbers and even publicize them. He has been accused by many leaders in some mainstream denominations as being boastful. I think that they are just jealous.
You see last year, Newspring Church baptized more people than most of the largest 1st Baptist Churches in South Carolina combined. Now let me agree with something that Pastor Perry said, we need to celebrate even 1 person getting saved and following in believer’s baptism because heaven certainly does. But to be upset because a church is baptizing thousands is nothing but jealousy, in my opinion. I love Newspring church and what they are doing. It is fresh and alive and they are winning souls. Although my own church is still my favorite, I love to watch other churches kick the enemy’s butt!
The church needs to remain focused on what is important. That is not the fact that another church is larger than yours or reaching more people than yours, but rather that when any church reaches a person who accepts Christ as Savior, we all should rejoice. But because the local church is important to how Jesus told us to function as His Body, we need to have a deep passion for our own church and who we are reaching.
I think that we should be calling out the churches who are not reaching anybody for Christ instead of those who are reaching multitudes. Each year in my city alone there are churches who baptize no one. They don’t care and they mind the fact that they have not grown in years. This is not because there are no people around either, but a case of the old “us four and no more” mentality. These are the churches that if anyone should be upset, it should be them.
But every church has people in it who can make a difference. If you are in a church that is not or has not reached people in a while, that can all be changed by you. We have all seen the team that gets that one player who will not let the past losses stop them from playing to win. Even if the whole team refuses to play, you can win for Jesus. And when that happens you need to celebrate. If you give it your best and the church you attend continues to hold you back, leave and find a church that wants to keep score and wants to win.
I feel so blessed to be part of a local church who is playing to win. I want to be there every time that I can and wear its colors boldly. Yes, we have a church shirt designed that I wear like I wear my Gamecocks stuff. I proudly tell people of the great things that we are doing and that the reason we are doing them is because of Jesus. He gets the glory, the honor, the praise, because He gave us the victory. Whenever we lead another person to Jesus and they get baptized, I want Jesus to act like I act when the winning run is scored or points are put on the board. I want Jesus to say, “MY TEAM IS WINNING!”.