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November 9, 2011

You Want Me To Listen?

by pastortimfowler

The political season is in full swing. This is one of my least favorite times. In case you are wondering, I consider myself a fairly conservative guy. If you have decided to never read my blog again because of that statement, then you are part of the problem that bothers me. America is a great country full of sinful people who will always make a mess of things if not kept in check. Whether you are conservative or liberal in your political likings, we should all decide to make a stand on a few things.
First we should all agree that our country is a great country and that there is nothing wrong with us being great. Greatness is more than being the strongest. We help more people around the world than any other country. We defend our friends and keep our enemies at check. We do more to keep our planet clean and safe than anyone else ever has or ever will. We have freedom to speak out against the things we don’t like and to make an honest living pursuing our passions. There is plenty of room for improvement and differing opinions but nowhere else in this world can you be as free as we are. That is how I can write this blog and you can agree or disagree with it openly.
Second, I think we should all hold our media accountable for what they put out as fact. This may spark some controversy, but stick with me. Right now, Herman Cain is being accused of sexual harassment by at least four women. At first, it would be easy to say that with that many who are accusing him, he must have done something. The majority of the media is reporting this as if it were fact, yet our courts would probably not take any of them as a legal case because hearsay is not admissible in court. And, in America, we are innocent until proven guilty. Not so in the media. For those on the liberal side who may think that this is fair, I am just as upset with those who covered anyone who accused Pres. Obama of not having a birth certificate.
The media has a responsibility to report facts, not opinions, when they claim to be reporting the news. Investigative journalists should remember the journalistic code of ethics that says than you never report on a subject without verifying your sources and their credibility. But those of us who watch the news never seem to question the ethics of those reporting as long as it suits our political agenda. I believe that we should all write letters expressing our dissatisfaction with inaccurate and unfair reporting no matter which side it is on. When they see that their customers are upset, things will change. Let me state very clearly that if a candidate has done something wrong that they should be raked over the coals until they apologize or get out of the business.
I did a blog a few weeks ago about how we need to think for ourselves and to think logically. How many things have been contradicted over the past five years by so call science and or studies or the media? One minute salt is bad for you and we are taking it out of food and the next it isn’t. One minute cell phones are causing gas pumps to blow up and the next there is no evidence at all that this is true. But still today there are signs at gas stations that tell you to turn them off. Weather forecasters tell us that each hurricane season will be the worst ever and every year it doesn’t seem to happen. When are we, the common folk, going to start thinking that the problem may not be the stuff that is being reported on and start wondering if the problem is not the ones doing the reporting?
Third, and last, with this all being tied back to our politics, I think that it is time to hold the feet of those who make promises in the campaign but break them in office, to the fire. I know that there are things beyond their control once in office, but don’t promise me that you will never do this or the first thing that you will do will be that, and the opposite happens and you didn’t put up one heck of a fight. I am sick of political speeches that promise the moon for my vote and all I get for my vote is a broken promise. We should vote out every politician who only talks the talk but never walks the walk. Pretty soon liberals and conservatives alike will have the government that we really want. Of the people, by the people, for the people. We should all ask the media and ask politicians, do you really want me to listen? If so, change some stuff.

September 28, 2011

Slaves In The Bible

by pastortimfowler

My dear friend has been challenging me to blog about some really tough stuff. So now she asked me to blog about slaves in the Bible. I have been hoping I could do this one for a long time. (Sarcasm noted)
One thing my friend is experiencing is the ignorance of people when it comes to the Bible. Notice I did not say stupidity, although that can be a problem too from time to time, but you can’t fix stupid. Ignorance about the Bible comes from people who are not Christians and people who are Christians. Sadly, Christians form their opinions of the Bible when what they really need is to accept the truth of the Bible. We spend a lot of time picking out one or two things that sound like the point that we want to make and running with it as if it were fact. We take things out of context and the true meaning gets twisted. Any writing taken out of context can be dangerous and any writing that someone sets out to criticize can be condemned by those who want to find fault.
Let me give a brief overview of what the Bible is. It is God’s communication to man in the written form. It is not everything that God knows, but it is what He wants us to know. It is not an old writing that has no relevance for today, but rather a writing that when studied in context, including the context of the culture of the times that it was written, can be applied to any culture and time. Too often people get stuck in what is an event or teaching relevant to only to an era and fail to be able to take the principle of the teaching and apply it to present time. The Bible is the account of God creating the world for humans to occupy, giving them free will to make choices, including wrong choices, and loving us in spite of our flaws. In that love, He gives us a way to restore the flawed humans that He loves so much and gives guidelines for His will in our lives and how to deal with the times when we chose to go against His will and screw things up.
Bad choices have consequences and some of those last throughout generations. Cultures often dictate many of our choices, including ones that God’s people fall in to. Just because God permits something to happen does not mean that He approves of it. We do this with our own children as a teaching tool when they chose not to listen to wisdom, don’t we? In God’s perfect will, we would have no pain, sorrow, or death. Because we have freedom to choose and we chose to go against God, the consequences permeate culture and culture adopts those things that are contrary to God, but seem good to some people, especially those in positions of power.
Slavery was never an idea of God. When we think of slavery, we think of the evil of owning another person and often the mistreatment and abuse of those people. The most common word used in the Bible for slaves is the word servant. There were two types of servants, the person who served you in return for protection, housing, and food, and the other is the person used for forced labor. God gives very specific instructions on how to treat those servants that worked for you in the first capacity. They were to be treated properly and provided for and freed from their obligations to you at the end of seven years, and, even then, they were given the choice of staying with you because this was most similar to a job. God gave harsh penalties for mistreating these servants and never gave the command to own people. Society had made owning people acceptable, not God.
In the case of forced labor, slavery, God is best known for providing their freedom, commonly known as the Exodus, and the movie, The 10 Commandments. God sets people free from all sorts of bondage, especially sin. Sin puts us in the mindset of thinking we are right and God is wrong. Sin causes us to put self before others and is what led to slavery as we think about it in the worst of ways. Sin also makes us slaves to things like drugs, alcohol, sex, and money, to name a few. All of which have good and godly ways of being used, but perverted outside of that, in turn result in bondage. God cares about those who are oppressed and provides a way to set us free. He frees those who are slaves to people who pervert authority and those who are slaves to those who pervert the freedom of our own will.
For who the Son sets free, you are free indeed. Only God can provide true freedom, and because of that, I choose to serve Him.

June 9, 2011

Why I Blog About You

by pastortimfowler

I almost feel like I need to put a disclaimer at the beginning or end of my blogs. (This blog contains random ramblings from deep within the mind of the writer. His views and opinions have been the same for years and are not meant to personally attack any individual or get you to change your opinions. He has not and probably will not change his views and opinions based on anything you or anyone else says. If you are offended by any of the views or opinions in this blog, please check and see if your personal sensitivity switch needs to be adjusted to a safer level.)
I love to take a subject and make fun of it. About the only time that I don’t is when dealing with the Bible, and even then I find humor a useful way of teaching. As I am writing this, I can think of at least three people who are already thinking that I am writing this because of them. But I assure you, about the only person that knows me, who gets it personally from me, in a blog or a sermon, is my favorite wife, and she is use to it. Also, you must know that if I pick on you I love you or I think your are stupid. Either way you should feel privileged that you think that I was thinking of you in my blog.
I think we get offended too easily in America. Honestly, I don’t think most people really get offended at all. I think they use the word offended to make other people feel bad because they are weak-minded and thin-skinned. Hurting someone’s feelings these days is easier than breathing. My dad use to tell me that if I got my feelings hurt, I shouldn’t have had them out there for some someone to mess with anyway.
Lately I have been using the phrase, “different is not wrong” a lot. But in our society today, if someone or something is different from what we want, or feel, or think, we get angry, and that makes me mad. (Humor. Get it?) People get offended if I try to cram my faith down their throats, but I am expected to be tolerant of every other belief that wants to ruin my faith. Trust me, if Jesus would have given the option of cramming my belief down someone’s throat, I would be purchasing many more Bibles for some folks that I know to eat.
I respect the differences of others. I am not offended at someone who believes differently or lives their lives differently. I am not going to let someone, even if I know that they are wrong, ruin my day because it is not the same belief as mine. (My wife is excluded from this statement)
Here is a list of things that I have always been passionate about and will not change my mind and may have or may in the future blog about. I am doing this so that you can prepare yourself way ahead of time or know that I did not decide to write something because of your beliefs. This is not a complete list.
1. There is only one true God, the God of the Bible.
2. Salvation is not something you can lose.
3. JoAnne is a hot blond and my favorite wife.
4. Traditions ruin Churches.
6. Dogs are better than cats
7. You can’t fall out of love
8. Reality TV is not real
9. The truth is not changed by your interpretation
10. If you are paying for it, it is about the money.
11. God said, kill it and eat it.
12. Going green is over exaggerated as the answer to global warming.
13. Global warming is bogus. “Climate change” is the way of admitting they were wrong about it.
14. I am not irresponsible because of anything I said above.
15. I did not offend you, you choose to read my blog, and I thank you.
I hope your day is filled with thoughts of why I blog about you.