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March 18, 2011

Boy, oh boy

by pastortimfowler

I just found out yesterday that my youngest son and his wife are having a boy. To say that I am excited would be an understatement at the least. This will be my 7th grandkid, for some reason my wife thinks that we already have 7, but I counted and I am right.
One of the reasons I am excited is a reason that use to not affect me, and some may not have ever thought about. You see my dad was an only son and my grandfather was an only son and that could have been the end of our line for Fowlers. So with the news of “it’s a boy” from my son, the bloodline continues a little longer. With my brother having 2 sons, me having 2 sons, and now my sons will each have a son, there will be another generation to carry on.
Because I know that she hangs on my every word, my daughter also has a son, but he is not a Fowler and he is a red-head, but she is still my favorite daughter.
I believe that we should love everyone and respect people for who they are regardless of age race or sex, to the best of our ability. But there has always been a priority on having a male child. That is what I now understand more than ever. The family name continues.
In case my granddaughters read this or their mothers read it to them, because you gotta admit that this is good stuff, I should talk to them.
You guys are special and I love you, but you are just girls and you probably have cooties and I know you have girl germs and you will change your name when you get married. But, I love you anyway.
I have tried to think about my nickname for the boy in the family but nothing comes to mind. I have only given a nickname to one of our 2 grandsons so far so I guess it’s not that important. I called my first 2 granddaughters Elmer and Fudd but that did not stick. So maybe I am not that concerned with nicknames.
Family names at one time were much more important than they are today. They use to define your trade, your history, even your standing with God. My sir name use to tell people who my family raised and sold birds or even falconry. Today it is just mispronounce and only means that we are USC Gamecock fans.
Boy oh boy, this was a rambling blog, but…It a boy!!!