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September 9, 2011

What I Learned Today

by pastortimfowler

Here is a very short blog that will summarize what I learned today at a leadership conference.
*You can drink from a fire hose.
*Christian leaders are not superstars, they are servants.
*If you aren’t grateful for what you have, God can always take it back.
*Your spouse needs to be your friend, not just your lover.
*Christians need to run towards the mess.
*Leaders need to be a bit crazy.
*Christ is enough.
I told you this would be short, but look out in the days to come as I want to elaborate on a few of these. My heart is running over with joy and excitement.
A very special thanks to the people at NewSpring Church in Anderson SC for their hospitality during this amazing conference.

March 11, 2011

Motivation is a precious thing.

by pastortimfowler

Unleashed Conference in Anderson, SC

I just got in at about 9pm tonight and I am wiped out. I did not sleep well last night because I knew that I had to get up earlier than normal in order to drive a couple of hours to a conference that started at 8:30am. The alarm went off at 4:30am and the day began. We ate breakfast as we drove down I-85 and talked about traffic, kids, and how much we looked forward to what we were about to experience.
I have also had a horrible week due to some work stress that I chose to do. It was not church work stress it was, ‘I will help someone out on a job that I really don’t want to do’, type stress. What I am saying is that I brought it on myself. I usually end up with a headache when I get stressed and it usually lasts for a few days even after the stress is gone. This is no different.
I have been very optimistic about our church for a while now. God has been doing some amazing stuff and I love it when I get to be part of what He does. However, I have had some decisions that needed to be made and some prayers that have been tough to get an answer for and I really needed to hear clearly from God on a few things. Quite frankly, I needed some motivation.
I GOT IT!!! The conference was through the roof. It was all about not being afraid to do what God wants you to do. Hold tight to your vision. Don’t be afraid of the unknown because we know the One who knows it all! It was about loving and living for God.
I was motivated by the people who volunteered. Who took a Thursday off from work and school and pick up trash, open doors, smile at me. I was motivated by the musicians who played with such excitement and skill to bring me into the presence of God. I was motivated by the people I met that traveled from further than I did to learn how to better serve their churches. I was motivated by a pastor who opened his church and opened his heart to help other churches and pastors understand the mission of preaching the gospel. I was motivate by my friends who wept and prayed and worshiped and learned. I was motivated by my wife who held my hand, touched my heart and loved me. I was motivated by God who allowed all this to come together just when I needed it the most. There is nothing better than God’s timing for God’s plan for God’s people.
Motivation is a precious thing!
Thanks to New Spring Church for the Unleash conference. WOW!