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December 12, 2011


by pastortimfowler

We were sitting at IHOP last night with a group from the church and the conversations were going strong. One of the youth from the church was complaining about a shirt and the fact that it was white and when white shirts get wet you can see through them. Some how the word “best” was used in the conversations and it was misunderstood by someone else who though “breast” was said. Put that together with another conversation that was going at the same time about out church New Year’s Eve party and that no “booze” was allowed and someone thought “boobs” was said, and you can see where this quickly went down hill.
Last Sunday night I was asked about Christmas night, which happens to be on a Sunday this year, and whether or not we would have Bible study that evening. Several times that day and even a few other times that week I had been questioned about why I chose to have church on Sunday, Christmas day, instead of Christmas eve. I was really not wanting to explain it again because there seemed to be no good answer, so I went on a rather lengthy rant about how it was Sunday, it was Jesus’ birthday that we were celebrating, and as I ranted, the lady said, “No, I was asking about Christmas Evening”.
I started a Facebook page called the Naked Birth Research Foundation to help a little boy who needed a kidney transplant. Part of the effort was selling t-shirts that said, Naked Birth Research Foundation. I was wearing one of these in a store and talking to the cashier about the shirt and the cause and this lady behind me got upset with me. She asked me how I could justify selling such a shirt as anything tied to being a Christian, a church member and especially me being a pastor. I asked her what the problem was and she said, “I won’t say that word. I am a good Christian.” She thought it said the Naked BI*CH Research Foundation. After I pointed out her reading error, she was quite embarrassed. I asked her if she wanted to buy a shirt and she politely declined.
I texted a guy who was supposed to do some plumbing work for the church one time and he was amazed that a pastor would talked like I texted. We had a water leak in a wall and I told him to please hurry because I did not know how bad it was, only that there was water coming from under a damp wall. I did not type DAMP though. Once he got here and I told him where the damp wall was he started laughing because he understood that I did not say what he thought I had said.
I see this happening a lot with texts. People who text can’t spell. I know that there are lots of abbreviations and those can be confusing for someone who is not an avid texter, but the spelling is quite atrocious. I think our brains work faster than our fingers and words find their own way onto the screen. My wife has texted me many questions that made me think that she was feeling frisky, only to find out that she just can’t spell or text properly.
What is sad is that there are times when we say exactly what we mean to say and people still misunderstand. I guess as long as there are husbands and wives there will be misunderstanding.

September 14, 2011


by pastortimfowler

Tonight is the first night of a city-wide revival that has been planned for several months now. I have had the privilege of working with about 10 other pastors in trying to put this together. Our goal was to get black, white, and Latino pastors together with their churches to address racism and how the church can help overcome this stress on society. As it turned out there are 9 black pastors and me, who just happens to be white.
I can’t help being white, I was born that way. It runs in our family and many of us have had other white children. My wife’s mother came from a family that had 12 white kids and so far all of our children have been white and now our grandchildren are white too. So this seems to be something that we are stuck with.
I do not believe that I am racist. I grew up a Navy brat and was always around other races of people. I don’t remember my parents ever using derogatory words to describe folks of different color and it wasn’t until I was in the third grade that I remember hearing the word “nigger”. When I did hear it, I thought that the person was uneducated and could not speak proper English, or well, in this case Spanish, because I thought that they were trying to say negro, the Spanish word for black. Little did I know that it was such an offensive word to those who were black, or negro. It is funny how one man’s stupidity can be another man’s butt kickin’.
I am of the opinion that racism is a choice that we make. I believe that as long as we are willing to meet people for who they are instead of the color of their skin, that we can get along just fine. I also believe that the color does come with cultural differences and differences can cause misunderstanding and misunderstanding can cause division. But, where there is difference and misunderstanding there is a great opportunity for communication to bring forth understanding and unity. If I don’t like a person who happens to be black, I am not a racist. If I don’t like a person because they are black then, that, makes me a racist.
God says that He has given His church the ministry of reconciliation. It is our service to others to reconcile differences and spread the love of Jesus Christ. God is not a respecter of persons. He does not see color, He sees a helpless sinner in need of a Savior. When Christ died, He died for the human race not a specific race. That means that those of us who proclaim to be Christians should be willing to lay down our differences in order to reach anyone in need of Jesus.
I am perfectly fine with a church that has all black or all white people as their members as long as it is not a purposeful effort. We certainly have churches who are all from the country or the city and that is not a problem. But I want to know that if a white church has a need and a black church can help or the reverse, that no one sees the color before they see Jesus. We are one body, the Body of Christ.
I pray that we can make a stride over the next few days to help people see that racism is wrong. I believe that it is a sin against God who made one human and from that one human we all are related. But even greater than that blood line, we who are of the Body of Christ ,also have a common blood line; the blood of Jesus, and through that blood we are all reconciled to God