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June 2, 2011

Everybody Has a Butt.

by pastortimfowler

I told everyone yesterday in my blog that I went to a forum on Tuesday and how I was so turned off by the overwhelming negativity of the event. I want to now put a positive twist on it because I felt a little like I was no better than anyone else at the meeting by saying the negative things that I did. Sometimes “venting” helps you feel better, but usually God convicts when that venting does not give Him all glory.
My main complaint was that this was supposed to have been a meeting about how to better reach people and share the Gospel with them. It turned out to be a rehashing of the same old divisive rhetoric as always. My shields were probably up before I even got there so I want to do an “after blog” blog to clear my conscience.
Philippians 1:18
But what does it matter? Nothing matters except that, in one way or another, people are told the message about Christ, whether with honest or dishonest motives, and I’m happy about that. Yes, I will continue to be happy.
This is the Apostle Paul’s response to folks telling Him that people were doing things different. As you can see, he took a better perspective than perhaps I did. I can share other verses that tell you that there is a definite danger in people who pervert the Gospel, and God will be there judge, but this event that I attended was not that and neither are the churches and pastors that were being talked about in the forum. It is just a difference in opinion and people are told the message of Christ and that makes me happy too.
This denomination who put on this forum has a long history of preaching the Gospel. For a long time they have been a driving force in sharing Christ with people and continue still today. I think the reason I get upset is because I believe in their message and love their theory, I just see them withering in the path of tradition and it makes me sad.
One day I will be old and not understand what a new movement in church is doing. One day I will probably be more critical than I should be. I thank God that there are older Christians who watch out for false teaching and dangerous trends in the church. I want to be that way too. I only hope that I have wisdom enough to know the difference between danger to the church and pride in my ways.
Everyone who calls themselves Christians needs to be on guard for false teaching. Every New Testament book warned the church of it. We should be grateful for those who watch over the well-being of the best of our traditions because not every tradition is bad or wrong by any means. We must be careful that our desire for something new and fresh does not overpower the tried and true methods of the past. But, by the same token, if a tradition is no longer evangelical and it only appeases those in our church who want to hold on until they die, then we need to be bold enough to embrace change for the sake of those who need Jesus.
The wisdom of the Bible and God that tell us that the church is the body of Christ and this can help us look at the need for denominations and different styles of worship and evangelism. Just as our hands need gloves and our feet need shoes, our church needs difference too. They do totally different functions in the body but each one are vital to the body. My hands would never war against my feet because they hang out in smelly shoes and don’t get washed several times a day. My eyes don’t get mad at my ears for hearing and my tongue doesn’t talk bad about my lungs for breathing.
So in closing, I thank everyone for letting me vent, and I am sorry for being negative toward my fellow body parts. Christ is the head of the body, no doubt. I am still trying to figure out my part. God made all parts to work together for His glory and even if we don’t like it, that fact is, every body has a butt.