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October 12, 2012

Date Night

by pastortimfowler

Being married for 32 years and pastor of a growing and busy church and playing host to an international teenager and having grandkids all would seem to be a dream come true for most people. For the most part it is for me too. But it cramps my style a bit when it comes to date night with my favorite wife. In case you don’t know, she is an incredibly gorgeous woman and dating her has been one of my favorite activities from the first day that we met. We try to date as often as possible because it is fun and keeps the romance alive. She loves taking me out in public and showing off her “trophy husband” and then telling all of her girlfriends how lucky she is. I love taking her out in public and watching the eyes turn to have a look at her and knowing that I am going to cut the night really short so that I can get her home where only I can look at her.
I want to encourage married couples to date. Not to schedule a time away from kids to go eat, but a time to get dressed up, open doors, turn heads, flirt, and get a good nights sleep…Right. We need to have fun as married people. Life gets really busy, really fast, and really often and this can cause the romantic fires to dwindle down to nothing but a pile of ashes if we are not careful. It doesn’t have to totally depend on date nights, but they sure do stir the embers. Getting dressed up as if you wanted to impress the other person and then walking around in public and holding hand and sneaking a kiss or an accidental touch here or there makes you remember that you use to do this a lot and you enjoyed it.
I am very fortunate that my wife and I know how to enjoy ourselves without date nights. Like many of you, a busy lifestyle makes date nights few and sometimes far in between. But we still sit around and flirt across the living room and hold hands around the house and she still tries to cop an accident touch of my butt while I get a Diet Mtn. Dew from the fridge. We flirt on Facebook and send texts that say silly things like “oh baby you sure look good in those cut off gym pants” and “what the heck is that in your hair?” We know that being married is much more that flirting and romance, but one thing we are really good at is flirting and romance. Yes, she is a lucky woman and I am a great husband.
Last night we got away for a date night and it was just as much fun as the first date we ever had. The only difference was that I knew I had enough money to put gas in the car and I knew that when we got home, I didn’t have to meet her dad. Other than that, we looked good, we had fun, flirted, and neither of us can wait until the next time we go out for date night.
Proverbs 5:18-19
18 Let your own fountain be blessed, and enjoy the girl you married when you were young,
19 a loving doe and a graceful deer. Always let her breasts satisfy you. Always be intoxicated with her love.
I would want to disobey God’s word now, would I? And you shouldn’t either. Date again and again and again.

August 15, 2011

Addicted To Love

by pastortimfowler

This morning I woke up excited that my wife was coming home. She had been at my son’s house helping with the new baby. For those who have that moment of sympathy for her, don’t. She would rather spend time with the grandbabies than to breath. It is me that you should feel sorry for. While she was feeding her addiction, I was left with 2 dogs that are scared of storms and love to chase squirrels in the rain, then come and jump in my lap before I can dry them off.
Don’t misunderstand me. I am not complaining that she was gone, I am simply admitting that I was miserable while she was gone. I have decided that I am going to have her stuffed if she dies before me. I will also continue to record two shows at once on the DVR so that I am forced to watch whatever she wants, even when she is not here.
Our new grandson needed Mimi this weekend. He could not have made it much longer without her spoiling him. This is a common occurrence in our family. The only way that babies survive is through mother’s milk, parents providing shelter, and Mimi spoiling them. End of argument.
As I have gotten older and realized that the world is held together through the power of God and the spoiling of Mimi, I have also come to accept the occasional separations that come from having children who live in other cities. I am not sure what they were thinking when they moved to pursue jobs and did not consider the need of their children to have Mimi around, but thank goodness we have reliable vehicles and she can drive.
While she was gone I stayed busy with church work, tried to do a few things around the house, and watched it rain. There were a few things on TV that I thought I wanted to watch, but when the DVR had two things programmed to record at the same time you can only watch one of them, and they were not what I wanted to watch. When there was clear time for the TV I did get to watch the PGA Championship until the storm came through and the satellite signal could not be received. But since I couldn’t watch anything then, it was very entertaining to watch the dogs run in the rain.
But today my life gets back to normal. The wife is back and in just a little while I get to have lunch with her. I know that she looks forward to watching some of those recordings with me. I can’t wait. It is driving me crazy to not know what Stefano and Sammi are doing. Then tonight I will get to find out even more people who don’t have talent in America and solve a few murder mysteries too.
I guess I would rather watch stuff that I care nothing about, with her, than to watch my favorite sports without her. So maybe I really do understand why the kids are so addicted to her. I am too.