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August 17, 2012

Trial by Children

by pastortimfowler

a boy and his steed

As I told you a few weeks ago, God was messing with me, I mean, blessing me with extra children around the house. My wife started baby sitting and we took an international student into our home for the school year. I believe the Bible; all of it. I don’t understand all of it and do have some questions for God when I get there. This verse is one I think I will question: Psalm 127:3 – Children are an inheritance from the LORD. They are a reward from him. A reward? Really?
So with the rewards piling up, I was trying to think about all the things that I must have done right to deserve these rewards. I know that I am an excellent husband and treat my wife better than she deserves. I get up early and fix her coffee. I do dishes and cook and sometimes the other way around. I keep the yard looking as well as could be expected and I am just an all around good guy. But to reward me with children for that? Couldn’t God have just given me a couple of free rounds of golf?
I am a great dad to my own children. A raised them for 18 years and through them out of the nest so that they would learn to fly. Sure they bumped their butts a little, but on the third or fourth bounce, they got it. All of them are out of jail and free of any communicable diseases, as far as I know, and they either have a husband who is like me or are a husband like me. That surely does not deserve more children back in my house does it? How about a fishing trip to the Amazon River in South America? That would be sufficient.
I am an awesome pastor too, just ask the people that I pay to say that who use to go to my church. I tell them that they are going to Hell and how to avoid it. I keep all of my sermons short and stay on point so that no one is forced to wonder what I am talking about. I rarely turn down a opportunity to have people buy my lunch if they want to talk to me and, I let people bring me peach milkshakes from Chic- Fil-A anytime they wish. Does this deserve the reward of children? Hardly. Perhaps an all expenses paid Bible conference in the Bahamas might be more appropriate.
And we can’t forget that I provide almost an endless supply of fantastic and informing blogs that keep you on the edge and have you begging for more. These blogs challenge your minds and imaginations and keep you laughing and therefore bring great joy to many lives daily. But reward me with children? No, I am not worthy. It would be more appropriate to send money to my church and designate it for the pastor’s vacation fund.
Yes, I feel like this may be a trial that I am going through. Perhaps a trial to keep me humble and learn patience. Perhaps a trial to learn to accept blessings of great magnitude, even though I may not deserve them, so I should just accept them. If this is so, I thank God for the rewards, but ask God to scale it back a bit and stick with the simple and less rewarding things like golf and fishing trips.

August 15, 2011

Addicted To Love

by pastortimfowler

This morning I woke up excited that my wife was coming home. She had been at my son’s house helping with the new baby. For those who have that moment of sympathy for her, don’t. She would rather spend time with the grandbabies than to breath. It is me that you should feel sorry for. While she was feeding her addiction, I was left with 2 dogs that are scared of storms and love to chase squirrels in the rain, then come and jump in my lap before I can dry them off.
Don’t misunderstand me. I am not complaining that she was gone, I am simply admitting that I was miserable while she was gone. I have decided that I am going to have her stuffed if she dies before me. I will also continue to record two shows at once on the DVR so that I am forced to watch whatever she wants, even when she is not here.
Our new grandson needed Mimi this weekend. He could not have made it much longer without her spoiling him. This is a common occurrence in our family. The only way that babies survive is through mother’s milk, parents providing shelter, and Mimi spoiling them. End of argument.
As I have gotten older and realized that the world is held together through the power of God and the spoiling of Mimi, I have also come to accept the occasional separations that come from having children who live in other cities. I am not sure what they were thinking when they moved to pursue jobs and did not consider the need of their children to have Mimi around, but thank goodness we have reliable vehicles and she can drive.
While she was gone I stayed busy with church work, tried to do a few things around the house, and watched it rain. There were a few things on TV that I thought I wanted to watch, but when the DVR had two things programmed to record at the same time you can only watch one of them, and they were not what I wanted to watch. When there was clear time for the TV I did get to watch the PGA Championship until the storm came through and the satellite signal could not be received. But since I couldn’t watch anything then, it was very entertaining to watch the dogs run in the rain.
But today my life gets back to normal. The wife is back and in just a little while I get to have lunch with her. I know that she looks forward to watching some of those recordings with me. I can’t wait. It is driving me crazy to not know what Stefano and Sammi are doing. Then tonight I will get to find out even more people who don’t have talent in America and solve a few murder mysteries too.
I guess I would rather watch stuff that I care nothing about, with her, than to watch my favorite sports without her. So maybe I really do understand why the kids are so addicted to her. I am too.