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October 25, 2011

Save The World?

by pastortimfowler

I was sent a disturbing email today from a friend whose company is circulating a warning to its employees about the new light-bulbs and their dangers. The pictures that went with it were very graphic and showed a person’s foot that had been cut by a broken bulb and how the mercury in these bulbs caused massive damage to the foot. I have to be honest with you, I would rather have the earth warm up a half a degree over the next 50 years than to suffer this kind of damage from a light bulb breaking. But nobody questions the “green” people, ’cause they are saving the planet.
When are we going to stop having knee jerk reactions to “science” that is wishy-washy at best. Are you willing to cut down on CO2, which is produced by every air-breathing animal on the plant, far more than our cars produce, and is absorbed by plants, which in return give off oxygen, (remember real science?) in exchange for light bulbs that contain deadly mercury? How does this save the planet? We quit making thermometers that used mercury because there is no doubt that mercury kills, but save the planet, kill the foot lights are okay?!?!
What about the electric car? Has anyone thought of the dangers that are going to come from these? First, the hypocrisy. “Green” people have been telling us about the evils of plastic for a long time now. How it sits in landfills for thousands of years without breaking down. Here’s an idea, leave it out in the sun for a few months and watch in deteriorate. But these same people want us to use lots of large batteries that are housed in plastic to run our cars. What about the chemicals that are in these plastic laden batteries? You mean to tell me that they are safer than the bi-product of us exhaling? I can’t wait for the interstates to be shut down for days due to hazmat teams having to clean up toxic chemicals from the two electrics cars that are saving our planet. I just hope the wind doesn’t ever stop blowing or it never rains again so that the clean energy needed to charge these cars save us from the evil fossil fuels that are reliable and not as toxic as the light bulbs we are being forced to use.
I read where global warming was real. The scientist had determined that the average temp in Antarctica had risen 1.24 degrees over the last 40 years. The average summer temperature there is -17.5 degrees Fahrenheit. So if that is the adjusted temperature for global warming, ICE STILL DOESN’T MELT! And if the average temperature in your neck of the woods is 65, 75, or 85, what changes in your life if now it is 66.5, 76.5, or 86.5? The answer is…nothing.
My dad taught me as I was growing up not to litter, not to pour oil down the drain, and how to keep my car running at its peak efficiency. He made sure that if we went fishing or hunting or camping that we left the place cleaner than when we arrived. I don’t believe in being reckless with our planet, but also don’t believe that humans can destroy it, short of an all out nuclear war. The Bible says that the planet will be here until God decides to wrap it up, not man. I am going to trust God over the weird science of today that is often tied to political motivations and government grants, oh yeah, that goes back to political motivations.
Its time that we began to use our common sense and not be afraid to question something just because it is popular. I love the new light bulbs for the fact that they last a long time. I like being able to make pigs out of watermelons and using the light bulbs as the pig’s tail. I am just not willing to blindly say that it is a better bulb because someone who overlooked the dangerous mercury in them, tells me that it will save the planet. I am not going to buy a car that runs off electricity until someone tells me that it is okay to walk through the chemicals that will spill out if I am in a wreck that busts these planet saving plastic encased batteries, AND…they can prove to me that rechargeable batteries in my car are better than the ones that I just through away because they only lasted 10 minutes in my flashlight. I don’t want to drive my 100 miles on a charge to find out I can’t get home because the next charge only takes me 90 miles.
Think about it.

June 9, 2011

Why I Blog About You

by pastortimfowler

I almost feel like I need to put a disclaimer at the beginning or end of my blogs. (This blog contains random ramblings from deep within the mind of the writer. His views and opinions have been the same for years and are not meant to personally attack any individual or get you to change your opinions. He has not and probably will not change his views and opinions based on anything you or anyone else says. If you are offended by any of the views or opinions in this blog, please check and see if your personal sensitivity switch needs to be adjusted to a safer level.)
I love to take a subject and make fun of it. About the only time that I don’t is when dealing with the Bible, and even then I find humor a useful way of teaching. As I am writing this, I can think of at least three people who are already thinking that I am writing this because of them. But I assure you, about the only person that knows me, who gets it personally from me, in a blog or a sermon, is my favorite wife, and she is use to it. Also, you must know that if I pick on you I love you or I think your are stupid. Either way you should feel privileged that you think that I was thinking of you in my blog.
I think we get offended too easily in America. Honestly, I don’t think most people really get offended at all. I think they use the word offended to make other people feel bad because they are weak-minded and thin-skinned. Hurting someone’s feelings these days is easier than breathing. My dad use to tell me that if I got my feelings hurt, I shouldn’t have had them out there for some someone to mess with anyway.
Lately I have been using the phrase, “different is not wrong” a lot. But in our society today, if someone or something is different from what we want, or feel, or think, we get angry, and that makes me mad. (Humor. Get it?) People get offended if I try to cram my faith down their throats, but I am expected to be tolerant of every other belief that wants to ruin my faith. Trust me, if Jesus would have given the option of cramming my belief down someone’s throat, I would be purchasing many more Bibles for some folks that I know to eat.
I respect the differences of others. I am not offended at someone who believes differently or lives their lives differently. I am not going to let someone, even if I know that they are wrong, ruin my day because it is not the same belief as mine. (My wife is excluded from this statement)
Here is a list of things that I have always been passionate about and will not change my mind and may have or may in the future blog about. I am doing this so that you can prepare yourself way ahead of time or know that I did not decide to write something because of your beliefs. This is not a complete list.
1. There is only one true God, the God of the Bible.
2. Salvation is not something you can lose.
3. JoAnne is a hot blond and my favorite wife.
4. Traditions ruin Churches.
6. Dogs are better than cats
7. You can’t fall out of love
8. Reality TV is not real
9. The truth is not changed by your interpretation
10. If you are paying for it, it is about the money.
11. God said, kill it and eat it.
12. Going green is over exaggerated as the answer to global warming.
13. Global warming is bogus. “Climate change” is the way of admitting they were wrong about it.
14. I am not irresponsible because of anything I said above.
15. I did not offend you, you choose to read my blog, and I thank you.
I hope your day is filled with thoughts of why I blog about you.