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January 17, 2012

Junk Mail

by pastortimfowler

As much as I hate to admit it, I love going to the mailbox to see what has been delivered for the day. Snail mail, as it is called, always has this hope of finally receiving the check…you know, the one that’s “in the mail”. When I was a kid, my grandma use to send me the occasional letter addressed to Master Tim Fowler. Few today would ever know that Master was the prefix for a young man, much like Miss for a young woman. Today many who know me will get confused over that because my wife now calls me Master. But that is a different story. I love getting the mail.
But…Now-a-days there is so much junk mail that it can get quite ridiculous. There are times when the lid on the box won’t even shut because of all the junk mail. Stores don’t send out annual catalogs anymore, they send out weekly sales papers to let you know that everything is on sale, again. Grocery store, department store, drug store, furniture store and the all important, tire store sales papers flood the mailbox.
Then there are the free trips to anywhere that you find out aren’t free. The pre approved credit cards that aren’t pre approved. The mortgage refinance offers that promise you twice as much as your house is worth and half the interest rate that you can get anywhere else. None of these ever pan out to be what they claim on the envelope. Today I received at least three different political advertisements telling me how the next savior of the planet should get my vote because the other guy who claims to be a savior is nothing more than a dirt bag who lies.
On my computer I have what they call email. It is an electronic sort of communication that allows you to send notes and letters to someone via the computer. I am such a techy that I thought some of you might not know this. Anyway, it too has junk mail. Theses get really weird. If you did not know me and you saw some of the things that get into my junk mail box you would think that I was a pervert with male performance problems who is addicted to pain medicines that I can receive without a prescription from a “reputable” overseas pharmacist. Occasionally I can get free hotel rooms in Vegas when I book my flight now and for a small upgrade fee, they will throw in a car too.
Not exactly junk mail but just as entertaining is the commercials for things that can only be bought from the TV. My dogs will never bark, poop, or shed again if I just order now and if I order in the next 20 seconds I can get the second one absolutely free, just pay additional shipping and handling. Now there is a way to make money. Just be the company that charges that much to deliver worthless crap to people who think they are getting the other one for free.
The reason for this blog today is that yesterday was a federal holiday and I checked my mailbox three times at home and twice at church before I realized there would be no mail delivered. Therefore I am expecting a full load from the mail carrier today. Got to go!….I think I heard the mailman!

March 15, 2011

Tweeting Now

by pastortimfowler

As a pastor, I want to stay up on modern stuff. I try to listen to new music, try new methods of worship, listen to and read stuff from younger pastors and do my best to remember that it is not about my generation’s style of church but it is about the generation that is outside of church that matters.
Many years ago I gave in to the laptop movement. I was never sure that I needed one and knew that I did not want one. Now I can’t live without one. I even preach from my laptop on Sundays. I had cell phones for years but only recently gave in and got a smart phone. I gave up a suit and tie early in the era of new dress code for pastors, in fact I like to think that I was ahead of most.
I fought like crazy to stay away from Facebook. I thought that it was ridiculous. As most of you know now I am on it daily and several times a day at that. Blogging was something that I always wanted to do but never thought that I would do and now all five of you are reading my blogs every now and then.
So the next step is tweeting. My friend in Greenville SC tweets all the time. I can tell you that I love him, but could care less if he is at McD’s on Main St. My son, daughter and wife are on Twitter. I care where they are but telling everyone else doesn’t thrill me.
I woke up this morning and had an email from the wife telling me that I now had a Twitter account. Thanks dear.
Does anyone remember when email was new and exciting? Yeah I got one of those after a while too.
So I am going to tweet. I feel like I should join a bird watchers club every time I say that.
I have to learn the protocols of it. I see a lot of symbols. # @ //* and when I do, I think of how you use to get away with cussing in a cartoon. I am not really sure of what to tweet. Like right now I am at a secret location, in a land far, far away, and if I told you where I was I would have to kill you. I don’t think anyone really cares where I am for lunch unless it is my wife and I am not where I was supposed to be.
Should I tweet that I am going to blog, blogging now, or just finished a blog? I tried to blog on my tweet and ran out of characters. Then I tried to tweet about how that bothered me and ran out of characters. Then I tweeted that I hated running out of characters and that made no sense to anyone who did not know that I had tried tweeting about the other stuff.
But…I am on twitter now and you can follow me @pastortimfowler… I think.