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February 15, 2012

Who’s To Blame?

by pastortimfowler

A famous musician dies. Everyone knows her and knows her troubled past. She made bad decision after bad decision and fell prey to those in the industry who prey on her type. The music world is saddened. The news media is excited. They have something that the whole world will listen to them talk about in hopes of finding the truth. Weeks go by and by the time the truth is learned, our lives are filled with the next tragedy that is bound to happen. At the height of it all, the question that never seems to get answered is, who’s to blame?
Sure there are doctors, like with Michael Jackson, who get convicted of crimes. Sure there are family members who are rejected from funerals. Sure there are those on the inside that should have seen it coming and did nothing about it. But still, who is to blame?
I feel comfortable writing about this because I know what it is like to struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. Although I was not a famous musician or a movie star, the drugs and alcohol did not seem to care. I had plenty of people who played a part in my addictions. My dad was an alcoholic. My brother and sister both did drugs and drank. I listened to rock and roll music which glorified drugs and drinking. I had a dealer who knew that I was an addict and had sober friends and family that knew it too. If only someone was to blame. Then I would have stopped…NOT.
The bottom line of the blame game is you, or in this case her, or in my case me. I chose to make bad decisions that led to more bad decision and I chose to not listen to good advice and the cries of those who knew I was heading in a very dangerous direction. Short of locking me in a room and monitoring my activity 24 hours a day, there was nothing anyone could do to stop me from my self-destructive ways. Even the loving cry of a wife and children were not enough to stop me from opening a bottle or a bag. No one ever poured a drink down my throat or forced a pill or joint or line into my bloodstream. It was all me and short of me changing my decision-making process, nothing was going to stop me.
Who’s to blame is ourselves. We are in control of what sin we chose to make prevalent in our lives. We all sin. We are all powerless to fully overcome sin and God knows this. He is waiting on us to realize it. Once we do, we can then make the choice to call out to Him for help. He and He alone can totally free you from sin. We must be able to replace an addiction with a suitable fix or else the addiction will manifest itself somewhere else. The Bible tell us not to be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Spirit of God. That is the suitable fix for any addiction and any sin.
It starts with our admitting our sin. Next we ask for forgiveness and by faith accept the new life God wants to give us. He then condemns the sin but saves the sinner and gives us the power to overcome anything this life can throw at us. We can always chose to fall back, but God will never chose to disown you. Your soul is safe, your flesh is weak, but God is the answer and we are who’s to blame.

March 7, 2011

Some Thoughts on Charlie Sheen

by pastortimfowler

One of my favorite actors of all time is Charlie Sheen. From Major League to Navy Seals to 2 and 1/2 Men, I have always enjoyed watching him. This may come as a surprise to those of you who know that I don’t watch many movies. Few people can command your attention like he does. I believe this is a special gift that God gives to certain people and we are responsible for what we do with it. I am sure that many would say he is or was a good-looking guy, one of the “beautiful people”. I too was blessed with such good looks.
So why would God give someone great looks and the personality to match only to have them ruin their lives with drugs and alcohol? My answer is I don’t know.
Sure, you thought that I was going to amaze you with a great answer that defined wisdom, but sometimes you just have to admit that you don’t know. What I do know is that God loves Charlie Sheen. Yep, the womanizing, drug doing, alcohol drinking, person that he not only portrayed on TV but has become in real life. God is so weird like that. He loves messed up people. He loves it when we think we have the answers and when we think we have it all. God loves that fact that when we get into such a mess that the whole world begins to turn against us, He turns to us.
God often uses the worst situations that we can possibly get in to in order to have us question what life is all about. I think I said it in a recent blog, but God will often put us flat on our backs so that we have nowhere to look but up.
I think that Charlie Sheen is heading in a really bad direction. I do not know if he has ever had a time that he accepted Jesus as his Savior. If he has, this may be the beginning of God doing a bit of correcting a child that is rebelling. If he hasn’t, maybe this is the beginning of God breaking him down to the point of needing the only one that can truly rebuild us anyway. I pray that someone in his family or circle of friends who knows Jesus will tell him how much he is loved and how desperately God wants to help him. Jesus is the answer and I speak from experience.
You see, not only was I blessed with the great looks and personality like Charlie Sheen was, but I was also on a self destruct path of drugs and alcohol too. I was very close to where he is right now, just minus the money, when God took me in my broken state and loved me back into reality and helped me to overcome what I am sure everyone thought was a lost cause because they thought that I had gone to far.
God is greater than any mess we can get into and His love is stronger than our disbelief or destructive hatred for what ever causes us to sink into such desperate ways. Charlie Sheen does not need Hollywood, he needs a holy God. He does not need 2 and 1/2 men, he needs 1 man, Jesus Christ.