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January 9, 2013

Flood Damage

by pastortimfowler


Chapter 6 of Genesis is the beginning of the most popular story in the Bible, next to Christmas and Easter. It is the story of Noah and the ark that saved his family from the great flood. It has taken on the status of great fairy tale rather than historical literature. We live in a day where science feels it must disprove the Bible and comes up with some things that are as difficult to believe as the miraculous stories that fascinated us as children. We are told of past catastrophes that wiped out most life on the planet, and are told of future events that will do it again and we are to tremble in awe of the stories. Yet, we are told of a God that judges the world with catastrophic events and we are told that we are fools for believing them. Again I will rely on facts and common sense, as well as my belief that the Bible is accurate to argue my point.
I scuba dive as a hobby. We often dive in what is known as black water in rivers that host alligators and bull sharks in search of fossils. The Megalodon shark is an extinct giant shark that used to rule the oceans. We find their 4-7 inch teeth in the bottom of the river right next to civil war relics. Many say that they are there due to erosion, and the fact that the oceans used to cover so much more of the earth. I think these massive sharks came inland during the flood in search of easy meals of drowned dinosaurs and other large animals. That would explain how the sharks quickly died when the waters receded like the Bible describes, stranding them so far from the oceans that would normally support them. It would also explain the mastodon tusk and teeth and bones that we find, many with gashes from what looks like sharp teeth. These same teeth have been found in the deserts as far inland as Utah and some even in mountainous regions.
Dinosaurs are not hard to explain. I was told by a scientist that reptiles continue to grow as long as they are alive. Lizards come in many different shapes and sizes, most well under a foot long. But there are a few, like alligators and crocs, who grow to be nearly 20 feet long. Those extremely large reptiles are close to 100 years old. Geckos, they rarely live longer than 10 years and don’t grow to be more than a foot long. So if humans in that day lived 900 years, what would happen if dinosaurs lived that long?
Fossils are interesting scientific anomalies. Something organic is transformed into something similar to a rock. This requires something to quickly cover and encase the object. If we are to believe that an asteroid hit and killed off everything, we must account for something the size of a Brontosaurus being covered very quickly and its bone preserved. That would mean that nearly 40 feet or so of sediment all over the earth falling in a constant pattern.
A massive flood would definitely have that effect. Years ago we had a flood that put 2 feet of water in our downstairs and there was at least a half-inch of mud on the flood when the water went away. A flood the scope of the one described in Noah’s day would easily cover the largest of animal or its bones with mud. I know that some will argue that over millions of years things get buried very deep, but in less that a year, it is hard to find anything left of an animal that dies in the woods. Bacteria and worms do a great job of cleaning things up.
I know that this is not pure science and that there is some opinion in here, but it is a blog, not a scientific dissertation. All I want to say is that for people who believe the Bible and those who don’t, there are other logical explanations for fossils and Noah’s flood is a good one.
One last thing. Next time you are flying over the earth in a plane, especially over land, look out the window and notice the way the earth shows signs of a great flood. It is the same patterns that scientists claim to give evidence of water on Mars at on time. This Earth shows lots of evidence of flood damage.

January 11, 2012


by pastortimfowler

Today I got to experience something that I have never done before. I spun out my truck on the interstate doing 65 mph. I am fine. My truck is beat up, but drivable, and I have insurance to cover any damages. I did take out about 100 yards of fence and a small tree, they did not survive. This was the result of a sudden lane change by a truck and wet roads that cause me to start spinning when I stomped on my brakes. I do not recommend this to anyone, even though is was quite the adrenalin rush.
What was the most shocking of all is the fact that no one stopped to see if I was okay. I am, and I did not even need help getting back on the road, but there were at least a few other cars in the general area that this happened including the truck who ran me off the road. It was just weird that no one even pulled over to yell out the window at me. I expected someone to maybe stop and yell out a score for the spin moves that I did quite effortlessly. But no, not even a score for style points or difficulty factor.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the insurance adjuster to access the damage. Although my truck is drivable, there is damage on every side. The passenger side door is warped and the side-view mirror on that side is busted. The rear quarter-panel is dented and scratched as well as the roof, from barbed wire that flew around from the fence I took out. The rear bumper is bent and the back up sensor is damaged. That bothers me because I like hearing the beeping as I get close to something. Both of my tail lights are out, one worse than other. The driver’s side has scratches and the front bumper is dented. So, like I said, it is damaged on every side.
Through all of this, I can’t forget the fact that no one was injured. There were vehicles all around me as I started spinning. I had just crossed under a bridge that could have caused some real damage to me and the truck if I had spun into it. A few miles back I crossed over a river, and that would have been cold, not to mention that I did not have a fishing rod with me. I can only thank God that He was looking out for me and although I am ready to die, I was not expecting it yet. I do have a vacation planned in a couple of weeks.
On another note, if I had gone off the road and been stuck for days before being found, I do have everything that I need to survive. I have an emergency kit that includes a flashlight, emergency blanket, and first aid kit. I have a couple of knives, a lighter and one of those magnesium and flint combos so I can start a fire and purify water or cook a meal. I even had my laptop that, by the way, did not even fall off the seat during the crash. That way I could have at least continued to blog. No, I couldn’t post right a way, but at least I could post them after I was rescued or found my way back to civilization. And if anyone doubts my survival skills, I am an avid watcher of most of the survival shows on the National Geographic Channel.
Now that I have checked this experience off my bucket list, I would really like to work on the next item, taking a cruise with my wife.