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June 8, 2012

What’s New?

by pastortimfowler

Change is a natural part of life and yet so many people fear and even loath change. If change never happened, we would spend much of our lives beating on vending machines…get it? Change? Vending Machines? I kill me. But seriously, change gives us butterflies, frogs, ice, and a new diaper.
Recently my wife has been feeling like it is time to change. No, not husbands. No need to lower her standards. Her job has been a real pain in the neck and even a few months before the recent stretch of difficult times in her office, we have been talking about how perhaps God was leading her to go elsewhere.
Changing jobs can be quite nerve-racking in the best of times, but throw into the mix a bad job market and it gets even more difficult. But when my wife told me that she had turned in her two weeks notice, she said that she felt peace about it. I knew then that she was hearing from God. The Bible tells us that God gives us peace in difficult times as a way of knowing that we can trust Him. I know my wife is a woman who prays about things and listens to God for direction. This is no different.
There have been many times through the years that we have had to make tough decisions about jobs that did not make the most sense to some at the time it happened. Early in my ministry I also ran my own VCR repair business. Yep, I said VCR. It was during the time in my ministry when I was only getting part-time pay as a youth pastor and was feeling like I was not being effective in my ministry. At the same time I had an opportunity to expand my business to become a part of a national company and the money part of it was quite awesome. In the same week I learned that the church was cutting my part-time salary and that God, through my prayer life was telling me to close my business; you know, the one that just showed promise of a national account. But I had been asking God to make something happen and that I would trust Him when he did. I had peace about my decision and my wife supported me, so I closed the business and within a week was called to interview for my first full-time pastorate.
I had never thought about moving from the town we lived in. It was home and it was where my church was and all was fine. I had been at my church for almost 4 years and it was growing. But in my prayer time I felt like God was telling me that another change was coming. Within a few months there were things that happened that caused me to resign from my church and spend almost a year not being a pastor of any church. It was one of the toughest things I had ever done, but I knew it was right. One day I got a call from a church in the town I currently live in wanting to interview me for the pastor of their church. I had no intention of moving to another town and neither did my wife,but after the interview I had a peace about it that I couldn’t understand and within a month the move was on.
My wife was an executive at a major cellular company. It was a job that most people only dream of and the financial part of it was incredible. But shortly after taking the church, she began to feel like she needed to leave the company. Although we both knew that this meant dramatic financial cuts, we also knew that God was behind it because we both felt a peace about it. So she took early retirement and resigned. Because of that, she was able to work with me at the struggling church that hired me. We were leading it through bold changes and I needed her management skills like never before. Because she listened to God, we were able to lead the church through a change that resulted in the church that I currently pastor. This is a church where we are seeing people’s lives changed on a daily basis. It has grown from a church of barely 30 people who worshiped on Sunday morning to a place where over 150 people worship on Sunday morning. Not only that, but the amount of people who have gotten saved here is incredible. This all happened because of making tough decisions about changing jobs at weird times and trusting God instead of what logic says.
So I am excited to see what God has in store next for My wife and I. She has so many skills and gifts that can be used in so many ways that I am having a hard time imagining the awesome experience that is coming. Sure, there may be a few challenges along the way, but that is why God gives us the skills that we have and the peace that comes from His promise to provide all of our needs according to His riches in Glory!
Something new is on the way. I like new! I am made new by the power of God and what Christ did for me on the cross. In heaven, everything will be new all the time and that is hard to understand. So, new is good and new can only come with change. God says that He will change us into new creatures in Christ and lead us through the change every day. How can we go wrong. I am excited about what’s new!

March 5, 2012

I Can See, No, I Can’t

by pastortimfowler

Today I received my first pair of prescription glasses and they are obnoxious. They have progressive lenses that vary from top to bottom for far and near vision. Then there is something in between that they just put there to annoy me. In these first couple of sentences I have already made more mistakes and corrections than I usually make in a whole blog. I am told it just takes time to get use to them, but I am not sure I have that much time. So far I have burned myself and almost cut my finger while preparing lunch and almost knocked my drink over at least three times reaching for it. Tomorrow I am going in to get checked for contact lenses and at this rate, probably a concussion.
I have been unusually anxious about this. I have worn reading glasses for years now, so it is not a vanity thing. I just got tires of poking myself in the eye from taking them off and putting them on so much. I also got tired of paying for HD for my TV and not seeing things in HD. So that was my main inspiration for getting my eyes check to begin with.
The worst thing about these glasses is using my laptop. I can’t find the proper angle to look at it where the keys and the screen are both in focus. Someone out there is now thinking that I should learn to only look at the screen while typing, but that is not gonna change anytime soon. I am a creature of habit that resists change until the last possible chance. I have finally gotten to where I can use six fingers to type with and only look at the keyboard for the majority of the time. To change now is going to be hard.
I feel like everyone is looking at me as I quickly shift my eyes and move my head to try to find out where I can see things clearly. Some have thought that I was saying yes to them, but I was only trying to decide if they were short medium or long-range in my new glasses. I am sure that they will soon realize that I never say yes that easy or often in any one conversation. I hope that they will forgive me if the are making any major decisions that they think I said yes to and wasn’t really paying them much attention but rather try to visually get them in focus.
I hope that contacts work better than these glasses. I was fortunate to have a friend who had a coupon they let me use for free glasses. If I have paid for these I would be disappointed. But I am going to have to pay for the contacts and I am willing to take the chance. But if they may me as frustrated as the glasses do, I think I am going back to my readers and squinting, both of which I am very comfortable with.