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November 29, 2011

No Calendar

by pastortimfowler

As I came to the office this morning, my plan was to begin looking ahead at 2012 and trying to plan my preaching and teach subjects. As I am not the most organized person in the world, I have to try really hard to do these things and I get easily distracted by things like, looking for next year’s calendar online that has holidays listed. I did not know that you could find so many websites that are dedicated to calendars. I usually get my desk calendar at the office supply store about December 29th. I wish that I had one now, because now I am writing my plans on a sticky note and hoping that I can keep track of it until late December.
Last year, well actually it was this year, but I am in the “thinking about next year mode”, I went to a conference where I was convicted to plan out my year of preaching to allow for more prayer, and believe it or not, to look at how much time I don’t take off from being a pastor. It shocked me how little time I wanted to take off, and according to the guy who spoke at the conference, you need to schedule some away time. I usually schedule my away time in between Sundays and prepare my sermons while I am away which means I don’t use the away time for down time which he said we needed. But I did manage to work on this and I can see his point, so I am trying to plan ahead and I don’t have a calendar.
This all sounds fascinating, I know, and by now you are wondering if this is not my attempt to put off what I need to do, and it isn’t. Like I said, I wrote stuff down on a sticky note. As I was trying to find a calendar and plan my year, I was reminded that planning ahead this year might not be needed. When you type in calendar for a web search, eventually you will have to read about the Mayan calendar, which basically says that we don’t need anymore calendars now. The world is ending soon. I am excited about this possibility, but better not count on this whole not needing a calendar thing.
So I did finally get a teaching point out of this planning without a calendar ordeal. Preaching is often dictated by holidays. I try to preach an Easter sermon an Easter Sunday. I try to preach something patriotic on the 4th of July. I try to preach stuff that is relevant to the regularly scheduled holidays. I also like to plan vacations and conferences and thus have a guest speaker scheduled for those Sundays that I a gone. It is just about impossible to that if you don’t have that year’s calendar. So I got my sticky notes out and did what I could for January 2012 and decided to blog.
Do you see how easy it is to get distracted when you don’t have the right information in available? Not knowing certain facts can cause you to get sidetracked from the important stuff you are doing and get you looking for alternate sources to complete your task. This often leads to mistakes and confusion. Can you imagine me not preaching the Easter sermon on Easter? What if I scheduled a guest speaker and gave him the wrong date? What if I lose that stick note? What if the Mayans are right? What if I just decided not to preach anymore because I got distracted and started looking for facts in a place filled with lies?
These things happen to Christians all the time. The Bible tells us things that we need to do daily and we act as if they aren’t on our calendars. It tells us how to live our lives so that we are pleasing to God but we get distracted and read Cosmo and listen to Oprah. Then on New Year’s Eve we make resolutions based on last year’s failures only to plan them on a sticky note that is lost in a few days with all the other unimportant stuff we allow to clutter our lives. Sadly, we have the Bible available most of the time and still make these mistakes. It doesn’t change like the numbers on a calendar and it is always accurate for the time we need it. You just can’t make a good plan for life without right tool, a Bible.
With all this said, I guess it is time to go buy a 2012 desk calendar before I lose my sticky note.

September 5, 2011

Labor Day

by pastortimfowler

Today is Labor Day, a national holiday dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. I always get it confused with Memorial Day for some reason. Either of them get you a day off, generally, but for me, they just mean that the banks are closed. My wife has to work today and I have no idea why I came to the office other than to do this blog and respond to the visitor cards from yesterday and plan out the rest of my week. Technically, us pastors only work a few hours a week anyway, and even then, it’s not real work.
I think that Labor Day should be the day of the year that every pregnant woman has to have her baby. It would make more sense than what we have now. At least you would not need me to start my blog off with the purpose of Labor Day in order for you to know what we are celebrating. And, are we really celebrating as it is? If women were having babies, we would all have a real reason to have a party.
This would help expecting dads too. They would not have to worry about that unexpected phone call in the middle of something important. They usually come about the time you set the hook on a really nice fish or have just hit your best tee shot of the round. If not that, you get woke up in the middle of the night and she hasn’t even had the decency to make coffee yet. If they just did it on Labor Day, dads would know not to go fishing or golfing or only have that one night to be woke up without coffee.
This could solve so many other problems too. Husbands would never forget their wife’s birthday. Since Labor Day is on the calendar as a holiday, and if women were having babies on that day, we would all know what it meant and at least one of us would remember that we needed to buy a card and remind the rest of those who were about to forget. We would also remember our children’s birthdays and that would make men look better and more caring.
Instead, we have a day that messes with our normal routine and makes life no easier. I am all for honoring the veterans who gave their lives for our freedom. Wait a minute…that is the one in May. This is Labor day, where we, hold on, let me read the opening line. No wonder I don’t like this holiday. It is not in honor, or memory, it is simply a day dedicated to blah, blah, blah. Get back to work you lazy bums. Cash our checks and deliver our mail! No one shot at you or is buying flowers and candy, why we don’t even fly the flag for this day.
Happy Labor Day, or is it, Merry Labor Day. I am not even hearing fireworks in my neighborhood where they do fireworks for any ol’ excuse. Either have a baby or get to work. It’s Labor Day.