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December 16, 2011

It’s In Us

by pastortimfowler

Last night about midnight I was trying to get my solid white, except for a brown eye patch, Jack Russel to come in and quit barking before the neighbors called the police on us. For about 20 minutes she had been barking continually. Finally I slipped my shoes on and went out to get her only find her in a fight with a very large possum. My dog is every bit if 13 pounds, but in her mind she is 130 pounds. The possum was at least 15-20 pounds and looked like it was doing well in the fight until they ran into the sandbox that has been converted to a mud-wrestling pit. It didn’t take long before the possum was not playing possum and I picked up my now solid brown Jack Russel and went in to give her a bath.
Over the years, we have been kept safe from all sorts of wild animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, and possums. For the most part they are left outside and I dispose of them, but occasionally they get brought in through the doggie door and I find them via smell. That is always fun, but rare.
My wife gets very frustrated with her dog because she wanted a little froo froo dog and she can’t accept the fact that this one is a natural-born killer. As I was having lunch with her today, I was re-telling the story of how I was up bathing her dog at midnight while she was sleeping and she asked me, “why does she have to kill every rodent that comes in our yard?” To which I responded, “it is bred into her”. For those who don’t know, the Terrier breed was specifically bred to hunt rodents. They can’t help themselves no matter how you try to raise them, it is in their blood.
I believe that humans are like this in many ways. We are born to sin. No matter how well we are raised, we sin at early ages and continue our whole lives; we can’t help it. No one taught us to lie, yet we quickly deny our involvement with another sibling who has just gotten in trouble. As babies we learn that crying will get mommy to come pick us up. So what was meant to be a way of communicating pain, fear, or hunger, becomes a way of getting what we want. We grow up to convince ourselves that there is a right way of lying and deny that the truth is the best thing to handle a situation.
There is another thing that I believe humans are born with that is often covered deep with sin and humanistic teachings and that, is a desire to know God. God created humans with this in hopes that one day we would seek the truth and see that it is Him that has the answer to the meaning of life. In fact, it is God who is the author and finisher of life and until we get to know Him, life is a continual search for a purpose that we can’t fulfill on our own.
God has been the heart’s desire of every human ever born. The Greeks and Romans created gods for every reason a man could think of. They built statues and worshiped them as if they were alive but never found satisfaction because they were not real. The native Americans had gods of nature and animals but were not satisfied because the life that these gods had were taken by the humans that worshiped them. And from the beginning of civilization, man has claimed to be his own god more often than not. Believing that we are the saviors our selves, only to be let down by our own frailty. No god created by man will every satisfy what the one true God put in us and that is a desire to know the truth and He is that truth.
This time of year, Christmas, the whole world hears of a Savior that was born some 2000 years ago. Something in us tells us that this is a special time of year. A time of peace and hope and giving. A time of family and friends and brotherly love. A time of trying to deny the truth and substitute the man-made meaning of a God-given Love. So many times we hear tragic stories of brokenness and loneliness because what we desire is a relationship. This relationship can never be filled with people or things but rather the love of the meaning of it all, Jesus. For unto us a child was born, Jesus, and He will save the people from their sins. He was given because of God’s great love and His desire to know us intimately.
Like my dog, who can’t help but chase rodents, humans can’t help but chase God. Why not turn to the true God and forget about the lies that lead us in the wrong direction? Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ who died a sacrificial death for all who will accept it as payment for our sin. And whoever will call on Him will be saved and given eternal life. A life of meaning, purpose and hope. A life of love and a relationship with the God of love. It’s in us.

March 17, 2011

Air Conditioner Tune-up

by pastortimfowler

Well, well, well, it is that time of year when the temps here in the south can range from 32 degrees in the morning to 82 degrees in the afternoon. All winter we have our air conditioners off and don’t even think about using them until months have passed and all of a sudden opening a window is not enough. We turn on the AC and…nothing happens. How can this be?
Let me stop right here and say that I do not own an AC business nor do I have stock in one. It is just a great analogy of our lives as Christians.
I have a friend in the AC business who told me a few things and that is where I get my info. Most AC systems have two parts; the compressor unit and the blower unit, usually the one in the furnace. The blower works year round for the most part. It has to circulate the warm air in your house during the cold of winter and the cool air during the heat of summer. This unit is not the one the people usually find broken when they turn on the AC for the first time.
Most machinery does not like sitting idle. There are lubricants that if things are moving don’t do what they are designed to do. Sometimes that causes things to get stuck and not function like they are supposed to. There are other liquids and chemicals that will settle if the machinery is not used regularly. This will often have a negative side effect. Then there is that stuff called dust and dirt. It builds up and always seems to find that one place that you don’t or can’t clean. Put all this together and when you start a piece of machinery, like your AC unit, for this first time in a while, things will often go wrong.
There is nothing worse than being hot, knowing or thinking that you have cool air at the touch of a button, touching the button, and getting nothing.
That is what happens to a lot of Christians. We sit idle for long periods of time and things get locked up inside us. The fluids, like the Living Water, pools into one place or leaks out because of a crack, and when someone needs the cool breeze of God’s word, we aren’t able to turn the system on. Sure the blower, our mouth, works, we use it all the time But the part that sits idle may need a tune up.
A tune up can be done at any time, even if you run your system all the time. But when something is run all the time, you kind of expect a break every now and then. We don’t think about that thing that was working five months ago and we haven’t used in a while. And if it doesn’t start-up, we panic.
Christians need to remember that God wants us to constantly cool the heat of Hell by keeping our mouths pumping out the refreshing words of Jesus in truth and in love. That heat never goes out, never takes a break for the winter or the summer. But our activity as Christians will soon be turned off for the summer as we go on vacation, the lake, or just chilling in our nice air-conditioned homes.
Think about tuning up your AC before it gets really hot. Think about running your mouth for Jesus and keeping it tuned up to cool the heat from Hell. Don’t turn your eternal cooling system off this summer, but rather keep it tuned up with regular visits to your church.