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August 28, 2012

Just A Footnote

by pastortimfowler

I can’t remember feeling as crappy, emotionally, as I did yesterday and even some today, since Abby died. I keep thinking, but she was just a dog. But, I loved her and wanted the best for her and spent 12 years of my life taking care of her. Before I forget, thanks to all those who said kind words, I at least know I am not crazy (no wise cracks needed).
I told my neighbor about Abby and he said that he knew how I must feel, because He had said goodbye to several dogs in his 80 years. That really made me think.
Dogs lives are much shorter than ours. It is not uncommon to own several dogs in our lifetime and each one of them we can love and get very attached too. Because I still have another dog, I don’t think I will get another one for a while. But one day, I think I would like too. So why do we put ourselves through this if we know the hurt that comes from losing something we love and know that chances are we will feel that hurt again?
As I was driving to the church this morning I was thinking about this and God gave me a wonderful thought. If I can love a dog as much as I did, how much more do you think I (God) love you? I was a bit overwhelming. But think of the similarities. God knows that we are going to die before He does; He is eternal. God knows that we are totally dependent on Him and His provision. God knows that we are going to get into the trash and occasionally make other messes. But He continually lets others be born and born again and loves us despite us being “just humans”.
He loves us so much that He accepts us and makes a way for us to know Him and His love and expects very little from us. I believe that He knows that pain of death, after all, Jesus died a real physical death for us. And, let’s not forget that Jesus wept at the death of His friend Lazarus. So I am thinking that it is okay feel so sucky about Abby dying. But I get a lifetime of memories and 12 years of experience of loving something who only loved me because I first loved her.
Love is a wonderful thing to experience, especially when it is unconditional. God’s love is unconditional and He knows our pain. But better yet, He knows that death is not the end. As for dogs, I don’t what happens after they die. Something tells me I don’t have to worry, God has that in control too. So I will lean toward thinking Abby is looking out the window of heaven waiting for me to come home, just as she did everyday while she was here.
I am very grateful for God’s love and that He let me in on this little secret; If you give love away, you will never be sorry that you didn’t.

March 28, 2011

Its a Miracle!

by pastortimfowler

I have been a pastor for close to 20 years now. For the last 10 years I have tried to keep up with many statistics such as average attendance, baptisms and people who are saved. Someone once told me that church was not about numbers, but I strongly disagree.
Some numbers are so important that God keeps up with them. He knows every soul that is His. He knows every act that you do in His name. He keeps score.
This past Sunday we were fortunate enough to see people be born again. This is a true miracle. In a day where churches are full of people looking for healing and financial blessings, (both are good), there is something that still thrills me about seeing a person realize that without Jesus Christ and His forgiveness, they are hopeless. In a world where at our fingertips we can learn anything we want, there is still that sense of desire to know God. People are still searching for hope and for meaning. That hope and meaning are only found in knowing God. And on Sunday mornings, I get to stand before people and tell them that God is real, His love is overwhelming, and help is a prayer away.
Consider the fact that I was never the “churchy” type and that at one time denied that there was a God, it’s a miracle that I get this privilege. But I guess God figures, who better to hear it from than someone who has overcome so much. My story is not so different from so many others. God having mercy, convicting the heart of its need of forgiveness and them allowing it all to be forgiven by the act of Jesus dying on a cross. Many have had this experience and God uses every one of them to share this miracle.
I remember the day that I first told someone about Jesus. They laughed because they remembered who I was. But God used that day to prepare me to tell another. Eventually I told someone who was needing to hear that God would and did forgive people who had messed up as bad as me. Then the miracle happened again, and another poor soul was birthed into the love of God.
I can look back through the years now and see that many others I have shared my story with are now doing the same. God’s love is not just adding to the miracles, but is now multiplying the miracles. It is like a pyramid scheme gone wild, in a good way. Please don’t take this as bragging, nothing would have happened had it not been that God had mercy on me and forgave me. It just blows me away that He loves me that much and I want to share it whenever I can.
God is holy; perfect and sinless. Mankind is not. Purity and impurity can not mix. So to be with God, something has to happen. God must take all impurity from us and protect us from it or we will never be able to be with Him. He does that by forgiving our sin and making us one with Him In Christ. Holy White Out, sort of. The blood of Christ from the cross covers up our sins and God sees purity. It’s a miracle!