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February 15, 2011

Servants test.

by pastortimfowler

It has been so many years that I don’t remember the last time my wife or I got the flu. But… today the doctor confirmed it…she has the flu. I get paranoid when she gets sick. I will not sleep in the same room and I don’t like being in the same room with her. I use lots of Lysol and wash my hands and take vitamin b and c and other letters in the alphabet. I go out of my way to not get what she has. Here is the bad part. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and you guessed it…I kissed her.
So here is what I am thinking. I want to be a good husband. I want to serve her and take care of her, and at the same time minimize my contact with her. One good thing is she wants to be left alone for right now. I am sitting outside writing this blog.
Jesus said the greatest among us will be those who serve others. I want to be great! I just want to stay healthy. How do doctors and nurses do it? Day in and day out they help sick people. They give them meds and fluff the pillows and help them to the bathroom. These are some great people; real servants.
Jesus touched the sick and the lame and healed them. I would have been more of the type to speak the word with authority and heal them from a distance. I would have sent one or two of my disciples if someone sick needed hands to touch them so that they get better. Maybe that Judas guy; he could touch the sick people.
I guess that is probably one of the reasons God did not chose me to be the Savior. Instead he chose me to be a pastor, who has to visit people in hospitals where there are lots of sick people. Wow, God has a strange sense of humor. And now He has given me a sick wife. The flu, but just the regular flu. Good thing it is not the Swine flu…or is it? Could this be the pandemic we were all waiting for? Could I be the one that nurses her through this horrible time and become a hero to all mankind?
Oh yeah, there is another reason God did not chose me to be Savior, you must be humble.
So here is my test. To be a servant to my sick wife. To not worry about if I get sick but to worry about her getting better. To make her soup when she is hungry and cold and to give her Sprite when she is thirsty and hot. To say soft and loving words of encouragement and pass the test as the greatest servant to ever walk the earth! Oops, there goes that humility thing again.
I would appreciate the prayers for her to get better and me to be great the way God wants me to be great; as a servant.
Now where did I put that Lysol?