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October 26, 2011

No Accident

by pastortimfowler

A good friend of mine has been in the hospital for the last few days and thankfully he is about to be released. It was really weird the way it happened and how quickly it turned dangerous. One day he is at the doctor for a minor problem, an infection, and the next day he is in ICU because his blood pressure had bottomed out. I will probably regret saying this, but thank goodness his wife kept nagging at him to go to the emergency room and get checked out. I know that she will not call it nagging, but us guys know what I’m talking about.
Whenever this type thing happens it always causes me to reflect on how short this life is and how quickly we can lose it. My friend is a guy about my age, so young, and relatively healthy and a week ago you would have never thought that he would be in the hospital, much less ICU. We can have someone we love with us today and tomorrow God can take them away. It reminds me of this verse from the Bible: James 4:14 You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. What is life? You are a mist that is seen for a moment and then disappears. We rarely think of life this way until we are faced with these things.
So, what are you doing to make the most of this life? If you are like me, I often think about selfish things, like watching the football game or going fishing. But I am talking about making the most of life so that others can have it better. We are put here for a reason and somehow I don’t believe it was to be selfish. If so we are only here by mistake and there is no Creator, and if that’s the case, forget everyone, I’m going fishing.
When faced with the possibility of death being near, we often think, is there anything after this? There are very a few choices for what happens after death. If there is no God, no Creator, no Higher being who has any moral fortitude, then we don’t have to worry about what we do in this life. Unless you believe in reincarnation, but even then if there is no judge of what is a good life, then it is just the luck of the draw. With my luck, I would come back as a cricket or a worm being sold in a bait shop. But if we die and that is it, life just ends, we should not worry about doing anything more than what feels good to self. I can’t even make a good argument for being a good husband and father if there is no moral higher being that we have to answer too when we die.
As a pastor I have had to sit in hospital rooms with people who are dying, both young and old. I can’t recall anyone ever saying that they wished they had done more for themselves, but rather the opposite, they wish they had done more for others. Funny how people closest to death think very seriously about what is after death and those of us who seem to be a long way from death seem to be quite selfish thinking. But with what happened to my friend, healthy one day and in ICU the next, we all should be thinking a little more about how close to death we might really be.
I wrote in my blog yesterday that I wished that people would think a little more for themselves about things instead of listening to what others say. I think that holds true for how we think about God. I believe that there is a Creator who loves me and will judge the things that I have done. I believe that He offers forgiveness because He loves me and that He wants me to know Him. I believe that God wants everyone to know Him and that if we just thought logically, we might have reason to think that perhaps there is a God. Just look at the world around us. It has design and purpose and where there is design and purpose there is a designer. Let me leave you with this to think about.
If you had never seen a watch, but found one as you were walking along the beach one day, would you think that the watch formed by accident? After all, the sand contains the minerals needed to make the watch and the force of the ocean and gravity and the occasional asteroid crashing into the beach would create the heat needed to form the glass and if lightening stuck at the right time it would cause an electrical charge that would power the watch, right? Of course not. Although you couldn’t explain it, you would think that someone made it. Perhaps a watch maker.  And if you searched, you could find this watchmaker or at least someone who knew him or enough about him to learn what the watch was and how to use it.
I can tell you about my Creator, if you really want to know. Life is not an accident.

April 12, 2011

How did it all begin?

by pastortimfowler

I have a problem on Tuesday mornings thanks to a lady’s Bible study at our church. They lure me into the room with coffee and donuts and then ask me questions that cause me to talk for a while. This morning the subject turned to eternity and how the universe and life all started. I am still not sure if I got enough coffee or donuts for the amount of time that I had spent on the subject today. So how ’bout a blog to empty my brain and make room for something else?
Many times I encounter people who do not believe in God. They believe that everything is a result of chance happenings that put the universe into motion. My brain is simple and so I tend to simplify things, sometimes too much. So this subject presents a few things that must be simplified for me. I will try to explain.
Most people agree that things began with a “big bang”. What exploded? Did something explode that always existed or was there a time when nothing existed? If there was a time when nothing existed how did this thing that exploded come into existence? Last time I checked you can’t make something from nothing even in the wildest stretch of science fiction. So that leads one to believe that there was always something. If you can explain how to get something from nothing, please let me know. I really want to hear that. Again I am a simple guy with a simple brain. But something from nothing don’t work.
The next question would be, what is that something that has always existed? Was it something that was lifeless or was it something with life? I am not talking about something dead, because weird things tend to end up growing in dead stuff and dead stuff by definition is something that at one time had life. I am talking about lifelessness, as some scientists insist, a mass that exploded, creating the universe that we now know. Just a funny note, every time I had ever seen an explosion the only thing that is created is a mess, not something so precise as the way our universe operates.
If something lifeless exploded, what produced life? We go through great efforts to sterilize things so that no life will grow. In a perfectly sterile environment, most scientists will agree that nothing lifeless will develop life. How then can a lifeless object explode in the environment of deep space, that does not support life, and yet life become a byproduct of this event?
The other scenario is that the something that always existed was something with life. God fits that description. God is life. But, if something with life explodes in the environment of deep space it is hard to believe that it would produce more life or anything of order. Just think logically.
Of course I believe that God always existed and the He created life as we know it. The universe, the galaxy, the solar system, earth, and life on earth are very complex and work together with great design. Imagine walking through a parking lot and looking down to find a drinking straw. If I were to say to you that the straw was not made by any designer, but rather the winds and rain and lightening that were part of the cosmos of the parking lot blew together all the elements needed to form the drinking straw and formed it through years of evolution, you would correctly say to me; YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Drinking straws are created by drinking straw makers. Where there is a creation there must be a creator.
We often think of eternity from an after-life perspective. I think if we look at eternity from a how it all began perspective that we will find that eternity does matter and provides great logic for tough questions like, how did it all begin?