What I want for Christmas

by pastortimfowler

A new truck, a fishing boat, new golf clubs, peach milkshakes (year round) from Chic-fil-a, season tickets to Gamecock football next year, and one of those little remote control helicopters. There is my list for those who are still shopping and can’t decide what to get me.
On another note, I would like to share what I want for Christmas that does not include presents.
My parents divorced when I was 11 and from that time on, Christmas got really hard. I would put on a fake smiles and act like I wanted to be in each house, when what I really wanted was my parents to quit fighting. Later as we kids became adults, we would still try to get together at someone’s house and act like it was special to see each other on Christmas when the fact was we didn’t want to see each other the rest of the year.
This caused problems after I was married and had kids, because instead of appreciating the fact that my inlaws were doing it right, I resented the fact that my birth family rarely did. Here is the good news; I overcome that; well, almost.
As I watch how Christmas is perceived these days it makes me long for a few things and I will now share them in a list to avoid getting too “preachy”.
So here is my other list of what I want for Christmas.
I want families to get together because they realize what a precious gift they are to each other.
I want commercials and Christmas music to only be aired in December.
I want people to stop going into debt to try to show love, and just give from the heart.
I want everyone who is told “Happy Holidays” to ask for clarification of which holidays are being proclaimed happy.
I want Christmas trees and anything else designated for Christmas to not have to be renamed for political correctness.
I want everyone who is so uptight about Christmas being called Christmas to focus on saving the whales instead of ruining a centuries old tradition.
I want children’s plays in schools to sing true Christmas songs instead of ones that are made up through fear of offending someone who doesn’t even want to celebrate Christmas.
I want everyone to know the kind of love that Christmas truly represents. A love that compelled God to give His Son, Jesus CHRIST, so that I might be forgiven for all the stupid mistakes that I have made in the past, including when I tried to make Christmas all about me.

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