Government shutdown

by pastortimfowler

I remember as a little kid hearing the story of Chicken Little and the screams of “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” As the story goes, the sky did not fall. And so we have yet another government shutdown. Yes, I said another. There have been many in the past. Lately all we have heard is the threat that it was coming if congress did not act. Last time I checked though, there were three branches of government, so I hold them all responsible. We did not elect these people to go to Washington and try to scare people by yelling their own version of “the sky is falling!”. It is time that they acted like leaders and not spoiled brats. I think that the people, democrats and republicans and independents alike, should rally together and not vote for any of them next election unless they get their act together and work as Americans serving the public good, not their own.
So far, and just like the last times the government shut down, nothing bad has happened. They did turn off the “panda cam”; those rotten scumbags! But they are still collecting my taxes and paying themselves. Perhaps they should really shut things down that matter, like the bank that pays them. If us normal people’s jobs are shut down, we don’t get paid. Let the president and senate and congress have to file for unemployment…oops, they couldn’t…the government is shutdown.
I don’t worry about these silly political games. It bothers me because they are not doing their jobs, but I am still working and I don’t need them to do anything to help me support my family. I do worry about how the USA is looked upon when our leaders act like dictators and we say we want to spread democracy throughout the world.
I guess there is some benefit to having a king. No one can tell them to compromise and shutting down the government because people don’t work well together is not gonna happen. But kings and dictators are why the USA was started. We wanted out from under tyranny. We wanted a government that was for the people and by the people. We wanted something different and better.
Through it all, I know that some great act of diplomacy will save the day and we will all get our government back to tell us how wonderful they are, but not those other guys. You and I will probably never notice a change in the things that matter. But the media will tell us how the sky was stopped from falling and how us poor slobs known as citizens can now live in peace and love and comfort because the crisis was averted.
I am happy to say that I find my peace and love and comfort in another King…Jesus. He never shuts down, never gives up, never lets me down. He always provides and always does what He says He is going to do. He truly cares for me and truly cares for you. I don’t need to worry about Him ever shutting down on me. I hope you have this same King. If not, seek Him out. He is just a prayer away.

One Comment to “Government shutdown”

  1. Well stated! Thanks, Tim.

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