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September 16, 2013

Struggles happen to all

by pastortimfowler

Reading through the Bible you will find hope, peace, and encouragement. What you will also find is that even the best of God’s people go through struggles of their faith. Jesus said that in this life, we will have troubles, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome the things of this world. I find encouragement in those word, especially when I am going through struggles of my own.
It would be awesome if becoming a Christian meant that everything became easy. It would be amazing to have your life miraculously void of anything unpleasant or hard to deal with, but it would also eliminate the need for God to be your source of hope and your faith to have any strength.
Going through a major struggle can cause you to doubt God if you lose perspective. Faith is something that needs to be exercised in order to stay strong. Without struggles, faith can dwindle to the point of weakness and turning our need of God into depending on one’s self.
I once heard a great analogy that I want to share about struggles and their need in strengthening our faith.
A man was recovering from a long illness and while in the hospital, asked if he could have his bed moved closer to the window so that he could enjoy nature while recovering. So his bed was moved and to his delight he saw a caterpillar spinning its cocoon on the window sill. After days of watching it hang motionless in the window, he saw the silky oval began to move, ever so slightly. He watched for a while and saw the cocoon began to move even more and decided that he could help speed up the process and relieve the struggles of the soon to emerge butterfly, so he grabbed a pair of surgical scissors and gentle snipped open the cocoon to allow the butterfly to easily slide out. As soon as he made the incision, a beautiful yellow and black butterfly emerged. For hours, the man watched as the butterfly sat there moving its wings in an attempt fly away, but it never achieved flight. A few hours later a strong wind came and blew the butterfly off the window ledge and down to the walk below where it died. Because the cocoon was cut open, the butterfly never strengthened its wings enough to fly. It was the struggle to open the cocoon that made the wings strong enough to fly. Because there was no struggle, there was no strength and the butterfly died.
Easy is not always the answer. Faith is not meant to make things easy, it is meant to be strengthened so that we too may someday fly.

September 2, 2013

Labor Day

by pastortimfowler

I usually don’t blog about specific holidays, but this one, Labor Day, is one that I need to get a few things off of my chest about. I like the fact that we have an extra day off for most Americans. The long weekend help families to rejuvenate and relax before the long school year gets rolling along.
Here is my problem; not everyone understands what it means to be in labor. It is a special time, but only women can experience it. Sure it is hard work going in labor and dads can be in the room, but only women really experience it. But does this warrant a holiday? I don’t think so.
When half of the human race will never experience labor, it is insensitive to have a national holiday to celebrate something. Even with something like Christmas where people of faith other than Christians may not celebrate, we can all still understand and enjoy that giving spirit of that holiday.
I have heard it said that passing a kidney stone is the closest thing a man will come to experiencing what a woman feels when giving birth. I personally have never passed a kidney stone and don’t know what it feels like. But to me it would make more sense to have a national holiday for passing kidney stones that a labor holiday. At least men and women can experience passing a kidney stone and therefore there is not any discrimination involved. That would be a cruel holiday, but at least it would be fair.
We already celebrate birthdays and birthdays are a result of women being in labor. Everyone can celebrate birthdays, so even if they chose not too, it makes it less likely to have half of the human race feeling left out just because they can’t experience something due to a physiological impossibility.
We have Mother’s day, which certainly is only for women, but we follow it by Father’s day to ensure fairness. Labor day is just way too controversial for me to be comfortable with. We live in a day where people are easily offended and having holidays like this one worries me.
So there you have it. My blog on the controversial holiday of Labor Day.
Hold on a second…Someone just told me that Labor Day is NOT about giving birth…In that case…Never mind.