Three things that make my marriage GREAT

by pastortimfowler

In Ephesians 5, the Bible tells us that marriage between a man and a woman is a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church. With that in mind, when people look at my marriage, I want them to see something special. The problem I have is my lack of perfection. But there is a solution to that and it is one of the three things that I attribute to having a great marriage.
I can’t tell you that it is easy, but it is worth every bit of the effort. So here are three things that make my marriage great and not necessarily in order.
1. We have great fun together. Even though we don’t like the same things, for instance, I like baseball and she likes movies and we don’t share those likes, we enjoy it when the other person is having fun and are willing to sacrifice for the other’s joy. We do enjoy each others company more than we dislike anything else. Fun is not always about mutual likes, but learning to share mutual joy. We love to laugh together and have found things that we love to do together like riding the motorcycle and scuba diving. But the one thing we love to do together as much as anything is be together and that is fun!
2. We have great trust. Trust is earned and the more you earn the less work it takes. We don’t worry about what is happening while the other is away. We don’t worry about how to figure out what the other is feeling because we share it openly. No one can help me out of emotional struggles more than my wife and vice versa. We fully trust each other with our emotions and our actions. That leads to far less stress and little to no wrongful jealousy. Each time we act in trust our relationship, we gain respect and love. You see, I don’t believe in falling in love, I believe in growing in love. Trust grows love.
3. We have a great Savior. If we were left to use only the love of mankind to make our marriage great we would be continually acting in a self preserving way. This is the cause of failure in most marriages. Sure, you can have a successful marriage without God, but you must love sacrificially. That is God’s love for us through Jesus. It is His attempt to reconcile us to Himself because of our sins that separate us from having a relation that He designed for us to have. That is the principle that I spoke of from Ephesians 5. That our marriage should show that same selfless love so that others can find hope. This is hard to do. I love me, but I must love my wife as much as I love me. I must be willing to sacrifice my well being for hers. When that happens, she can then trust me enough to submit to my leadership out of love and trust that my leadership has her best interest at heart. Although I have a ways to go before I can claim success in this type love, I can say that with every step I take in that direction, our marriage is greater. I am not satisfied with having a great marriage. I want a perfect marriage. But since perfection is only available in Christ, I will continue to strive for greater.
There you have it. 3 things that make my marriage GREAT!.

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