Dead people can’t be saved

by pastortimfowler

I was not going to do it, but I just can’t stand it any more. I was not going to comment on the George Zimmerman case, but people wanted me to blog about it and I figured oh well, I haven’t ruffled feathers in a while, so here it goes.
As a dad, there is nothing I fear more than having that dreadful call about a child of mine being killed. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or something intentional, it is unfathomable. I think if someone were to murder them in cold blood, I would have a hard time doing the right thing, biblically speaking, which in my opinion is the only right thing. I am afraid that I might take the law into my own hands and exact some justice my way. I hope that I never have to find out how I would react. That being said, my heart breaks for Travon’s parents. I pray that God will give them comfort as only He would be able to do.
But, this was not cold blooded murder. It was an action that was founded in law. Sure, many disagree with the law, but that does not change the facts of the law. On the other hand, many agree with the law, including myself. I have my conceiled weapon permit and carry a firearm. The South Carolina law is very similar to the Florida law and because of the way it is taught and implemented, it does allow for the type of self defense that happened in this case.
Travon was not a little kid. He was 17 years old and if he were the one on trial, he would have been tried as an adult. He was not innocent in actions that were involved in this case. He did intend to do bodily harm to Mr. Zimmerman. He could have ran away and not chosen to come back to confront the person who was “following” him. But under that law, Mr. Zimmerman reacted the way he was taught was legal and acceptable. If we don’t like this, we should fight to change the law, not the facts.
So here we are today with two people forever effected by a situation that cannot be changed. One is dead and the other is trying to move forward with what life has given him. We can’t change death, but we can change life.
God offers hope to those who are alive. I pray that Travon knew Jesus as Savior. If so, he is fine now. I hope the Mr. Zimmerman knows Jesus as Savior. If not, there is still hope. Murder is not unforgivable. Murder is not the ultimate sin. The Bible says that if we obey every one of God’s laws but one, then we are guilty of them all. Why? Because we are talking holiness; God is holy, and not us. Like purified water can be made impure by the smallest of contamination, we are made unholy, even by the smallest of sin. But Jesus payed our death penalty for our sin as our Sacrifice on the cross. He took our place so that we can stand in His holiness.
Too many church people have been fighting about one side or the other of this tragic case. What we need to do is let lawyers and politicians deal with that and focus on praying for the on thing that our faith can change; salvation for those who are still alive. That doesn’t change what you think about the outcome of the trial, but it may change the outcome of eternity.
Before you assume that I am crazy, Mr. and Ms. Christian, let me remind you of a few people in the Bible. Moses was a murderer. God used him after he decide to follow God. David was a liar, murderer, and adulterer and was still said to be a man after God’s heart and Jesus was called, Son of David. Then there was Paul, who may not have directly killed anyone, but certainly authorized many Christians to be put to death including Stephen, one of the first deacons of the church. All repented, turned to God and were forgiven and used by God.
So who is to say that Mr. Zimmerman can’t be used of God if God so chooses? Who are we to let our outrage stop us from praying for his salvation? If you don’t agree with the verdict but God were to ask you to share your faith with Mr. Zimmerman and you don’t…Then Mr. Zimmerman dies and goes to hell. Would that not make you a murderer too?
Christians must overcome emotions to do what God says. We are to pray for all men to be saved. We are to spread hope and peace and love. I can’t think of anything that Travon’s parents need more right now, can you?

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  1. All I can say to this one is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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