by pastortimfowler

I read today that there are now 1226 in the world. It pains me to report that I am not on that list. I remember when Mr and Mrs. Howell were considered extravagantly rich. I guess being stranded on a deserted island with only 5 other people makes a millionaire seem really rich. I miss Gilligan’s Island. This same report said that the richest of these billionaires can lose as much as 11 billion in one day. I wish they would lose a billion my way.
I would be lying if I said that I would not want to be rich. Being rich offers a lot of benefits. It lets you eat the food you want to eat. It lets you vacation in better hotels and locations. It allows you to pay your mortgage and power bill while filling your gas tank all on the same day. Being rich can even allow you to get season tickets to see your favorite team and not have to park a mile down the road where it only costs $20. If I were rich I would park in the $50 parking just because I could.
But I am not jealous of those super rich. I have been blessed with more than I ever deserve. First, I have a beautiful family. My wife and I have been happily married for over 30 years. Money had little to do with it. We have three grown children who all have children of their own. We have a home that we can afford and automobiles that will get us to the jobs that we have. We have a church family that loves us and loves other people. We have friends who like us because of who we are and could care less how much money we have; thankfully. We are in relatively good health and don’t have too many enemies. Most of all, we know Jesus Christ personally as our Lord and Savior.
Being rich is not the way to happiness. God wants to give us happiness and have it not depend on how much money we can make. Jesus says that He wants us to have the joy that He has and to look to Him for our blessings. We are told that the things we have on this earth like money and houses and cars will all fade away. But things like family and friends are eternal when they are built on faith in Him.
No, I did not get my name on the list of those 1226 billionaires in the world, but I do have my name written in the Lamb’s book of life. Yep, I am rich beyond measure!

2 Comments to “Billionaires”

  1. Amen, Brother!

  2. Pal’s Pen: The Cigar Church?

    I have a confession. I smoke cigars. Started about two years ago. Can I say I’m a cigar aficionado? Well, not anymore than I’m a wine connoisseur, and yes, I do enjoy sipping a glass of wine or two. They say wine is good for you if enjoyed in moderation. I stick to cabernet sauvignon. They say it has more resveratrol than other wines. Resveratrol is a supposed age-defying discovery.

    Cigars? Hard to find evidence that cigar smoking is good for your health. It’s not exactly a nutrition bar. However, there are no added chemicals added to cigars like cigarettes, and the tobacco is aged and fermented before being rolled into a final product.

    That said, cigars are not like cigarettes. Cigarettes are inhaled. Cigars aren’t unless you’re a cigarette smoker. You’ll find most cigarette smokers inhale when they smoke cigars. It’s rare to find those who smoke cigars only – inhaling. Life and health insurance companies typically don’t rate you if you’re a weekend cigar smoker limiting it to maybe one or two. I fall in that category although in a recent transition I’ve indulged more often than I normally do. Once I get settled in I’ll pull back. Perhaps become more of a ceremonial, celebrational type of cigar aficionado. We’ll see.

    In my transition I wondered traveling toward my new destination if it were possible Christians who smoke cigars ever gathered for a time of fellowship, and/or bible study. It wasn’t long after I passed a cigar shop in a small strip mall. I paid it little mind until I passed it again, and decided to stop. The shop has a very nice humidor where cigars are kept from spoiling by controlling the humidity, and keeping the temperature around seventy degrees fahrenheit. I entered the humidor, grabbed an Alex Bradley Presnado, (2011 cigar of the year), and took a seat in the lounge area provided for the “aficionados”.

    I lit up, and a few minutes later another aficionado entered. We began to talk, and before long found he was a Christian. We talked awhile longer before he informed me a few of his fellow aficionados gather for fellowship and bible study on Friday mornings. I got goose bumps. Long story short I gathered with them the following Friday, and have been every Friday morning since. Wonderful fellowship, and a very warm, open, transparent environment.

    Weekend after my first Friday cigar fellowship I pulled off the highway looking for a Cracker Barrel restaurant, but found I made a wrong turn. I was about to make a U-turn when I saw a sign with an arrow that read, “Cigars —- >”. I followed the signs, and ended up at Palmetto Breeze, name of the cigar store. I entered, told them I was lost, and soon found myself engaged in pleasant, down to earth conversation. I was still there two hours later as I got to know many other fine gentlemen there. Yes, I enjoyed a good cigar or two.

    Get this. The owner is a seminary graduate, but no longer in fellowship in the traditional church. He shared the lead pastor of a large church in the area came every Saturday morning to enjoy a good cigar as he prepared his Sunday message. In three weeks I have met many other Christians, one a graduate of Duke Divinity School searching for a church environment providing warmth and transparency. I met others out of fellowship with God altogether, and sensed they wanted to get back into it.

    In other words, it hasn’t taken very long to begin establishing some very good relationships with fellow aficionados, and brothers and sisters in Christ. Not to mention a wonderful home church I was invited to this past week as a result of a contact made on Friday mornings.

    Now, understand, I’m not out to start a cigar church cult, here. What I am saying is the laid back, transparent, unconditionally accepting environment found in many of these cigar stores provides an atmosphere I believe is similar to what the early church had.

    Soon, there will be another Christian fellowship started at Palmetto Breeze in addition to Harry’s Cigars — where this thing got started for me.

    My goodness, God does work in mysterious ways.

    Join the REVOLUTION!

    Y? Y NOT?

    The Y Not? web site is down for upgrades.

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