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March 5, 2012

I Can See, No, I Can’t

by pastortimfowler

Today I received my first pair of prescription glasses and they are obnoxious. They have progressive lenses that vary from top to bottom for far and near vision. Then there is something in between that they just put there to annoy me. In these first couple of sentences I have already made more mistakes and corrections than I usually make in a whole blog. I am told it just takes time to get use to them, but I am not sure I have that much time. So far I have burned myself and almost cut my finger while preparing lunch and almost knocked my drink over at least three times reaching for it. Tomorrow I am going in to get checked for contact lenses and at this rate, probably a concussion.
I have been unusually anxious about this. I have worn reading glasses for years now, so it is not a vanity thing. I just got tires of poking myself in the eye from taking them off and putting them on so much. I also got tired of paying for HD for my TV and not seeing things in HD. So that was my main inspiration for getting my eyes check to begin with.
The worst thing about these glasses is using my laptop. I can’t find the proper angle to look at it where the keys and the screen are both in focus. Someone out there is now thinking that I should learn to only look at the screen while typing, but that is not gonna change anytime soon. I am a creature of habit that resists change until the last possible chance. I have finally gotten to where I can use six fingers to type with and only look at the keyboard for the majority of the time. To change now is going to be hard.
I feel like everyone is looking at me as I quickly shift my eyes and move my head to try to find out where I can see things clearly. Some have thought that I was saying yes to them, but I was only trying to decide if they were short medium or long-range in my new glasses. I am sure that they will soon realize that I never say yes that easy or often in any one conversation. I hope that they will forgive me if the are making any major decisions that they think I said yes to and wasn’t really paying them much attention but rather try to visually get them in focus.
I hope that contacts work better than these glasses. I was fortunate to have a friend who had a coupon they let me use for free glasses. If I have paid for these I would be disappointed. But I am going to have to pay for the contacts and I am willing to take the chance. But if they may me as frustrated as the glasses do, I think I am going back to my readers and squinting, both of which I am very comfortable with.