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January 5, 2012


by pastortimfowler

In the Bible there is a story of a man named Gideon who was told by God to do something that he did not think was possible unless it truly was of God and Gideon wanted to be sure of it. So in order to be sure that he had heard from God correctly, he asked God to do something that only him and God knew and something that only God could accomplish as asked. He took a piece of wool, or a fleece, and set it out in the open field and told God that the next morning he wanted to see dew everywhere except on the fleece and then the next night, after God did this, he asked God to do just the opposite. God did what He was asked to do and Gideon knew that God was in fact the one who prompted him to do this God sized task. You can read the account in the book of Judges chapter 6 if you want to get the whole story.
I have asked God for something like this fleece deal in trying to make a couple of tough decisions. I feel weird even saying it, but I can’t wait to see it happen. As I wrote yesterday, there have been some things that challenged me as I have been reading the Bible and a book that a friend gave me. The timing of these two things and my feelings as well as some conversations that I have had with my wife over the last several months have caused me to be quite agitated. Not in a bad way, but in a way that I believe that God is wanting me to do some things that are out of my comfort zone in a major way.
I do not recommend the fleece method of clarifying what God is asking you to do. Gideon was not a weak man of faith, but rather his task that God gave him to do was beyond Gideon’s authority and comfort level to do on his own and he wanted no doubt that it was God telling him what to do. I believe that most of what we need to do for God is written plainly in the Bible and we are not doing them, so why would God ask us to go beyond expectations and why would we need to clarify what is plainly written for us.
No, I am not the perfect person at following everything that God says. I wish I was, but I am not. I do try to live a life of example to the best of my ability. But when it comes to everyday life, God is very clear on how we should live and what we should do. There is not much to fleece God about. And if we ask Him to show us a sign for something so very obvious, I doubt that He will waste His time showing us His miracles when we are not showing Him our faith.
Part of this experience of mine is a gut check of what I should be doing daily. Reading and studying the Bible, prayer for others, sharing my faith, and so on, are being checked and rechecked to be sure that I am not missing the obvious. In fact I would suggest this to every Christian to do on a regular basis. I get this feeling that one of the reasons that the church of today is not seeing the miracle-working power of God as we read about in the Bible is because we have boxed up God into our own little package of religion. If the church were to begin following the commands of Jesus in all that we do, I believe that some things that we consider miraculous today would become routine then.
No, I am not getting ready to play “super Christian” and start freaking everybody out, but I am taking an inventory of what I do and whether or not it is in line with what I preach and read from the Bible. It is not a New Year’s resolution, it just has the timing to be suspiciously like one. But I am tired of hearing that God did this or God did that and everything that happened could have happened even if God did not exist. I want people to see the God of the Bible in the heart of His servant and in the midst of His church. We don’t need a fleece for this, we need to trust God in our actions not just our words.
As far as my “fleece”, I will be just as satisfied if the answer from God is not in line with what I ask of Him, as long as it is in line with what He asks of us.