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November 11, 2011

Thanks Veterans

by pastortimfowler

As I watch the president lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, I am reminded of how many unknown soldiers who are out their. Most are proud to serve their country, but few want the recognition. Few get the recognition that they deserve and although that do not seek it, they are always grateful for those who recognize them with a simple thank you.
Serving in the military is a life changing experience, even in a time of peace. Yet at the same time, peace is never an assurance of not being in harms way as you serve. Sadly, there are hazards of being in the military even home. There are those in our own country who, because men and women have secured this right, exercise the right of free speech to spew hatred towards our country and those who serve and protect it. But I don’t think anyone of the veterans or active duty members would offer nothing more than regret for the misguided resentment and the pride of knowing that the freedom they defend allows the same.
I was blessed to have served my country for nine years as a young man with a family in the US Navy. Much too often families are as big of heroes as those on active duty. Without the support of my wife and the love of my kids, I would not have been able to do what I did. Families sacrifice greatly to allow husbands, wives, sons and daughters to serve in the Armed Forces. Many lonely and sleepless worry filled nights go into the life of a family member while life goes on all around them, often with no one knowing their fears and anxiety. To my wife and kids I am forever grateful; Thanks! You are my heroes. Thank to all the families of veterans.
Many companies are honoring our veterans today in some great ways. Free food, free gifts, and much recognition. To them I say thanks. But tomorrow and in the days and weeks to come, life will go on and these veterans will go about their business. In ever town and every city there are reservists, National Guards, and veterans serving as firefighters and police officers and other places in our community. Many will not hear another word of gratitude until next year when Veterans day comes around again. But you can change that. Say thanks the the people in uniform every time you see them. Buy their lunch and cup of coffee if you can afford it. Let them know that you are grateful everyday for the freedom that we have because of their service. Visit a VA hospital near you and shake a few hands and listen to a few stories of the heroes that are there. Fly a flag and remember the ones who protect the freedoms of the country that it represents.
Thanks veterans! God bless you and your families and God bless America!