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November 4, 2011

Not Today

by pastortimfowler

I am packing and about to head out for my weekend of tent camping with my wife and a bunch from the church. So I am too busy to blog today. As soon as I think that I am through packing and ready to go, the wife lets me know that she needs something else. I had to go to the grocery store earlier, Wal-Mart, and probably somewhere else before I can head down early to set up camp. The good news is that the rain has almost stopped. As soon as this front passes, it should turn colder and that means I must find wood that will burn after a good soaking of rain.
Now I am looking out at my dog, the Jack Russel, who is not going camping with us, as she is trying to climb the fence in the back yard. She is obsessed with squirrels and pecans and my neighbor has 2 pecan trees and lots of squirrels in his yard. This drives my dog crazy and she will obsess with this until something else catches her attention or she figures out how to climb over the fence. This will drive me crazy while I am gone, because we have to leave the doggy door open for them to use the bathroom until my daughter gets here later. We will leave all the other doors in the house shut so that if she catches a squirrel, we can find it quicker in case she decides to bring it in the house.
The wife just left from having lunch with me. I love it when she comes home on her lunch hour and I am free to join her. I try to cook a meal for us and we look at it as saving money and sticking to our Dave Ramsey plan. But now that she is gone, I have to wash dishes before I can leave to set up camp, after I stop by a couple of stores now that the rain is almost gone. Oh wait; its raining hard again.
I thought that I would take a quick break in all I am doing to let you know that I would not have a blog. Not today. So until Monday, or after I recover from this weekend, take care.