Camping With The One I Love

by pastortimfowler

Going camping is always more fun to plan that it is to get ready to go. Our church has been planning this upcoming trip for a few months now, thanks to my wife, whom I love. The excitement was building until I woke up this morning and realized that I have absolutely nothing ready. This will be our first outing where we will be tent camping since our kids were little. I did set up the tent in the back yard with one of the grandkids but it wasn’t quite the same.
My wife, whom I love, thought that we were going to borrow an RV from our daughter, but failed to tell me or them. I, somewhat out of spite, said no, we are using the tent. Either way, I don’t think that we fully thought this through. You see, it is now November, and the weather is turning cooler. Why last night, there was even a frost. In case you didn’t know, our tent does not have a heater and neither of us own a sleeping bag. I can see it now, every blanket in the house will be stuffed inside this tent.
As of this morning, Thursday, I don’t have a list of things that we are taking and my wife, whom I love, is working today and tomorrow. I have a busy day today and only a half day tomorrow that will be used for loading 300 blankets into my truck. I am not sure what she planned for us or what we have committed to provide for this community event. I know that I am taking my laptop, and our wifi thing so that Saturday, if I am still alive, I can follow the game. Yes, it is probably the biggest game of the year for the Gamecocks, and I am camping. But I have the support of a few of the other guys who are going and we have all agreed that we will blame it on someone else.
We are going to have church at the campground on Sunday morning. I thought about preaching on how Israel was led through the wilderness for 40 years, but decided that someone might expect free breakfast. So I am going to talk about how God made time stand still. I think by Sunday morning we will all feel as if time has stood still all weekend, especially my wife, whom I love.
In all fairness to her, she has really looked forward to this. We have a great bunch of folks who go to church with us. I don’t have the final count, but there are probably 20-30 who are camping with us. And my wife, whom I love, has not complained about using the tent, but I think I know what’s coming. She probably has stuff all planned out and I just don’t know or remember her telling me. She probably will be a great sport about it all, after we are home in our warm house.
Speaking of our warm house, we have held back on turning our heat on, trying to save a little money from not running AC or heat. The few times that we have, it was only been on enough to knock the chill off. How much you want to bet that when we get back from this camping trip that the heat gets turned up to about 85?
This should be fun. Really. There is a lake there, and I may try to catch a fish. There is a play ground and I will encourage the children to stay there. There is electricity at the camp site, so I think I will take a space heater to sleep on. Don’t give me any grief about fire hazards, at least I will die warm. A couple of folks are taking RVs, so we might even be able to watch the game Saturday while those who don’t like football sit out in the cold and watch the fire. There will be some great people to hang out with and a few of them know first aid so we can handle any frostbite cases that might come up.
I think this is going to be a blast!


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