Trick or Treat

by pastortimfowler

Halloween is here! The Great Pumpkin has arrived! And I am still saying, what’s the big deal? Halloween has always been the least favorite of holidays for me, even when I was a kid. I even waited late in the day to blog about it because I couldn’t think of much to say. What it the big deal about dressing up like someone else and going door to door asking for candy by using a phrase, that if it were taken literal, would make a lot of people mad when they got the trick?
I know a lot of fellow Christians and pastors who make a big deal of Halloween because it is the Devil’s night. Like every other night is free from demons? Then they try to fool everybody into thinking that the “Fall Festival” the church is having is not a Halloween party in costume as a fall festival. I have spent my entire pastor career trying to figure out why church people will not let their church celebrate Halloween at the church building, but everyone who has a kid, and some who don’t, celebrate it at home.
What about the same parents who complain about their kids getting jacked up on sugar throughout the year but take the same jacked up kids to get 50 gallon bags full of candy on Halloween. Is it like these kids will be better behaved because they were wearing a costume when they got it?
Some of the costumes that I see are quite crazy to figure out. I see wives dressed like hookers all the time on Halloween. Why won’t they dress that way any other time. It might spice up the marriage. Besides, these same wives who dress like hookers, okay, not all are hookers, but they sure look like it has something to do with sex, are the ones that complain when their husbands look at the women that they (wives) say dress like hookers. I only wish every wife would think about how confusing that is to us men. We are so weak and pitiful.
Guys don’t have a set costume that they wear. They seem to go for the random, whatever pops into my mind, way of choosing a costume. I think it would be much more fun if the guys put on the sexy outfits and complained when other wives looked. Somehow I think that there would be far less fighting about that one.
I don’t get it. I guess I will just play along when the wife comes home in her french maid outfit tonight. I just hope she brings some candy corn.

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