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October 13, 2011

I Got An Attitutde For Breakfast

by pastortimfowler

This morning I went into McD’s to get my free breakfast sandwich that I won playing the Monopoly game. I am that 1 in 4 who win. The girl who greeted me at the counter really effected me with her attitude. Attitudes can make or ruin, not only your day, but other’s day as well. She looked at me and asked me if she could take my order and of course I said yes. I said, “I want my free breakfast sandwich.” to which she responded, “I aint taken that thing.” I proceeded to let her know that I wanted hash browns and a medium drink and that my order would be to go. I then handed her my winning game piece and again she said, “I aint taken that.”
The reason that I went inside instead of going through the drive through was because there were about 15 cars at the drive through and no customers inside. If I went in, I could get my food and hopefully my next winning game piece and wave at the cars that I passed as I parked to go in. I did not go in to have someone tell me that they were not taking my winning game piece and especially to slow me down so that I might miss waving at the people who I passed in line at the drive through.
But then she had the nerve to call over the manager and say, “we aint take his game piece are we?” and the manager said no. Now this was not the winning game piece that made me a millionaire or even the one that gets me a new car, it was just a breakfast sandwich and I was hungry and in a hurry. Being the calm, cool, and level-headed guy that I am, I decided to stay calm and cool and ask the manager what the problem was. When I looked up to look her in the eye, they were both smiling and on the verge of laughing. Of course I did not let on that I was clueless to that fact that they had been joking, and began to laugh with them. After I got my breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and medium drink, I left with a smile on my face and showed it to everyone who I passed coming in, who was still waiting in the drive through lanes.
This was a great start to my day. The attitude that I encountered at 6:30am from a young lady in McD’s and her boss set the tone for the rest of my day. They shared a positive, funny attitude and I in turn shared it with the ones in the drive through lanes who were not getting a good attitude so early.
I was sitting here thinking about what my morning would have been like if this had been a bad attitude that I encountered. What if they really did not want to take my winning game piece? What if they had really made me go to Hardees instead? What if I had stayed in the drive through lane and gotten a bad attitude myself when someone drives by waving cause they went inside and beat me getting my food? I could have a bad attitude myself. But, instead I enjoyed a hot, fresh breakfast sandwich for free and because I am savvy, the medium drink and hash browns I got, they came with another chance for me to be that 1 in 4 to win. I smiled all the way to my office where I began to eat.
Now for the big winning opportunity….wait…is it? could it be? am I that 1 in 4 again? Nope, but at least my attitude is good and my day was brightened by someone who decided earlier that they would care to think about their attitude and would be positive and funny and share it with me.
I don’t know if this girl was a Christian or not, but it made me think of what the Bible tells Christians to do. Let your light shine before men so that it glorifies your Father in heaven. Positive attitudes are like shining lights. I think I am going to shine a little more today!