You Said What?!?!

by pastortimfowler

I want to thank my friend for the question that spawned yesterday’s blog about cremation. It was one of the most responded to blogs I have ever had. Because of her suggestion I have to go into the witness protection program and see a therapist twice a week for the next couple of hours. Wow, who’da thunk it, that people were so passionate about something?
Blogs are a great tool for people to use to make others angry. That is not why I blog. I blog because my wife said I should. Okay, that is why I started, now I blog because I am an addict and can’t stop. But I do enjoy it. I try to be sensitive to the fact that people can get their feelings hurt pretty easy these days and will occasionally throw out something to get you thinking. But, I will never intentionally misrepresent what the Bible says nor will I intentionally say something that is offensive.
I was actually accused of misrepresenting what the Bible says about cremation. Of course no one took the time to give scripture to back their claim, but that’s okay, I am used to that. I really don’t think it would matter if there was a cut and dry verse that said the cremation was wrong, that would not change some people’s minds. It does not stop people from getting drunk, lying, or having sex outside of marriage. But my intent was not to sway anyone from being or having someone cremated. I was simply asked what I thought about it.  I try to put my thoughts in line with the way I read the Bible. That is how I form most of my opinions, and yesterdays blog was my opinion, as I clearly stated in the opening.
I never said that it was wrong, sinful, or anti-Christian. What I said was no where in the Bible does a person who follows God get cremated as the preferred way of disposing of their bodies. I am NOT talking about anyone who was burned as torture and a hostile act. But there is nothing I can find in the Bible that says, Thou shalt not cremate. So if you want to be cremated or have someone you know cremated, I say burn baby burn!
One thing I do want to make clear is that my blogs are best understood by people who have very low IQ’s or, are on drugs. If you are not understanding where I am coming from, you must be extremely intelligent and/or sober. If you do understand my blogs and you are very smart and sober, or if you have sudden loss of hearing, vision or a rapid heartbeat, consult you doctor immediately as these my be signs that you should not be reading my blogs at all.
Seriously, though, I want to thank everyone who reads these things. I try to have a little fun when I can. I try to answer anyone’s questions when they are asked. I try to make it clear when I am giving an opinion over a fact, and I always try to be true to scripture. I always read your responses and appreciate them, so don’t stop.
Blogging is so much fun. I think it should be an Olympic sport. (Winter Olympics)


2 Comments to “You Said What?!?!”

  1. I, for one, greatly enjoy and appreciate your blogs…even the ones that get folks all stirred up, or even angry…that means it’s got them thinking (which, I’m aware in many cases can be dangerous)…and hopefully, opening their bibles to study for themselves.
    People will NEVER agree on EVERYTHING..tis the way of man. Some of these things you blog about ARE ‘controversial’….but, they ARE a part of life….who better to throw it out there than a brilliant minded, bible educated, bear-pokin’ person, such as yourself?! 😉
    I’d also like to make clear that my vision, hearing and heartbeat are good. I don’t do drugs, and I’m sober. The IQ, however, may be questionable.

  2. I found the blog to be very informative…..while there may be no definitive statement on cremation(“thou shalt not cremate”), the answer to this controversial question would be found in a compilation of scripture references throughout the bible (i knew there was a reason God had me in Leviticus even though meditation, understanding and life application sucked out my brain power). the non torch method never appealed to me b/c of the cost but I also want this last piece of my life to be aligned with God’s word. tons of food for thought and i appreciate it much.

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