Citywide Revival Summary

by pastortimfowler

Here are some of the highlights of the City Wide Revival in Rock Hill last week.
* The Rock Hill Herald did a great article but got names wrong and only missed the estimated attendance by about 500 when they reported 100 instead of the over 600.
* Pastor Lem Anderson preached his shortest sermon ever, but maybe most impactful.
* Pastor Tim Fowler publicly proclaimed to be white
* Overseer Crump from Freedom Temple went over his allotted 15 minutes but NO ONE cared!
* Pastor CT Kurk had to tell everyone to sit down at least 5 times but no one listened cause he blew us away
* Edge of Grace opened Thursday night with a BANG!
* Friday was opened with more incredible music and no one wanted it to end, but
* Pastor Kiser had to preach fast just to run over his time; no one cared
* Pastor Revell closed us out and nearly brought down the house as we were all blessed!
* Saturday all the pastors and there spouses had lunch and agreed to begin working on doing it again next year!
We had an average attendance of the 3 days of about 600. People from every race and financial background came together as one, united for God’s glory. Although there were some nay sayers on the internet, no one in attendance had anything other than praises. It was truly a blessed time when the body of Christ came together to celebrate God’s goodness and put aside our differences. We saw different styles of preaching and music and worship and it was all good; We did not complain, we rejoiced in it.
God wants His people united and focused on His love and His Son Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who said that the church would be built and hell wold not stop it. It is God who said that we are His co-workers and it is Jesus who is the foundation of the church. I am honored to have had any part in this historic event and cannot wait until the next time we unite for this most worthy cause.

One Comment to “Citywide Revival Summary”

  1. We attended all 3 nights…EVERY night, we were in awe, we were inspired, we were so well fed on The Word and the presence of God that we craved more and couldn’t wait for the next night….we were loved, we were exhausted in a good way, we were hopeful and wishful…..we laughed, we cried, we held hands, we hugged sisters and brothers, we sang, we danced, we praised, we worshiped, we loved…..there was no judgment, no tension, no feeling of ANYTHING other than unity and the LOVE of GOD. The ONLY thing we ALL had in common that mattered….the LOVE of OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We canNOT wait until next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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