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September 2, 2011

Reading Her Mind

by pastortimfowler

My wife told me today that I must have been reading her mind when I brought coffee to her at her office.  Funny thing is I hate reading. I read to keep myself informed and to improve my life and keep my brain sharp. But when it comes to reading her mind, it is too often out of a need for self-preservation.
For years I have had superpowers that I use from time to time. No one knows exactly what they are, in fact, I have not yet found the end of them, but it does include mind reading when it comes to my wife. I could make a joke here about how that would not really be super powers but I won’t. Reading her mind is very complicated. She is a brilliant woman who has a mind for details and for business. She has held many high level positions in corporate America and has always been successful in what she does. She has great abilities to sense the emotional needs of others and immediately decide how to help. In our church it is evident that the day-to-day operations depend on her involvement, as she has tremendous administration skills. Her teaching abilities are exceptional and her leadership skills amaze me.
So my reading her mind is an act of super powers because as everyone knows, I am just a simple man. This does not mean I am not an intelligent man, because simplicity can be difficult to master. If you keep it too simple you look lazy and almost stupid, and if you don’t keep it simple enough it becomes complicated. Therefore with the help of my superpowers I make being simple, well, simple.
Years ago I began to realize that I had this ability to read her mind. It was a cool Autumn evening when she walked in on my attempt to do laundry. In the load that I was pulling out of the dryer, was a sweater of hers. My wife has always been a very fashionable dresser and wore the finest clothes that we could afford. The sweater was one that complimented her God-given beauty well and fit perfect, if you know what I mean. As I pulled it out of the dryer, which in my opinion drys best when it is on high heat, she notices that it was a bit smaller than it use to be. Before she could say a word, I knew that she was thinking, “Tim, you wonderful man. You cared enough to do my laundry too!” After she spoke I realized that I had the ability to understand her true meaning even if the words did not match what she was thinking.
Another time involved me watching the grandkids. She was out pursuing one of her many business ventures and had asked me to watch the kids for an hour. I knew she what was going to ask when she came home, even before she did, but that is not what I want to tell you. It began to rain and the kids were acting like little monsters and they would not listen. They kept wanting to get loose from the duct tape and I kept telling them to wait until Mimi was almost here.
I knew that she gave them a bath every night and that this night would be no different. It had started to rain and I figured that rain water was as clean as tap water so why not send them out to play in the rain. So I took off the duct tape and let them out in the yard. I don’t understand why kids will suddenly be attracted to mud puddles if they are outside, but they are.  I should have listened to that voice in my head that said Mimi is on her way home, but I didn’t. When she saw the kids, I immediately knew what she was thinking: “Tim is a wonderful husband and Papa to try to have them bathed for me.” What she said, again had to be interpreted, but I got the drift of it.
Today it was really very simple. She wanted coffee. So I went to her favorite coffee shop and took her a large coffee fixed exactly as she likes it. She said thanks and gave me a hug and said, “you must be reading my mind”. I made it look so simple and of course I fully understand what she really meant when she said thank you. So, I am looking forward to her coming home tonight because she was really saying was: ” Tim, I want him almost as much as I want this coffee.”
I don’t do her laundry anymore and I don’t watch the grandkids when it is raining, but I will never stop taking her coffee.