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August 12, 2011

Gray Area

by pastortimfowler

Whenever you run out of ideas to blog about, all you have to do is ask and someone will give you an idea. Why they give me all the weird and tough ones, I don’t know. Today I was asked to blog about inter-racial marriage, no problem.
My upbringing was in an environment where I was the minority. My dad was in the Navy and we lived in Panama where most people are black. But I never remember race being a problem or talked about in a negative way. Then we moved to the states and I was part of the school integration program and got to be one of the first white kids in what was then a black school. So most of my life I thought that I was a minority. I am not sure why that matters considering the subject is inter-racial marriage, but I feel like it might let me see a different perspective. If not it will confuse you before you get to the main point and you won’t be so critical.
From a biblical standpoint, there is no reason why different races can’t marry. In the Old Testament God told Israel not to marry outside their tribe and their race but that was only for Israel. Nothing in the Bible ever tells Christians or those who are not of any particular faith that they can’t marry another race. However, in the New Testament, we read this: 2 Corinthians 6:14 Stop forming inappropriate relationships with unbelievers. Can right and wrong be partners? Can light have anything in common with darkness? This means that Christians should not marry those who are not Christians. Race has nothing to do with it.
The human race is full of prejudice and will always find a reason to look down on someone who is different. Ignorance and stereotypes cause us to form unhealthy feelings toward those of a different skin color. Because of this, there can be some emotional struggles for those who chose to marry interracially. This would be the only caution that I would give to someone who is considering this.
Before any two people get married they should talk about things that will be major influences in their lives. Besides money, children are the leading source of early struggles in a young marriage. Things like discipline, education, and how to spend holidays, can cause new parents to argue. These things can be settled ahead of time with proper communication. People who marry interracially need to talk about the potential emotional struggles their future children may have. After all, kids can be cruel and interracial children are easy targets. But this is not a reason not to marry and have kids, it is only something that I, as a counselor would discuss with a couple in this situation. Before you jump to a conclusion, let me also say that short kids, fat kids, skinny kids, tall kids, freckled kids, and many others get picked on, but the interracial issue is a result of a choice, not nature. And again there is nothing wrong with it, but parents need to be prepared when they make choices that they know are or can be controversial in any way.
We often immediately jump to the black and white race when we talk about this, but rarely blink when we see other races marry. One day I pray that we will see people for who they are, God’s most precious creation. It would be great to not have race asked on any form that you fill out. I wish we could all be Americans, except for those who live in other countries, of course. But God in His infinite wisdom made us different and made it obvious. But He never said that we could not love each other as fellow humans or as husband and wife.
But as long as there is humans on earth, there will be prejudice. The will be ignorance. There will be difference. As long as there are black and white, there will be gray.