The Sky Is Falling!

by pastortimfowler

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Jesus is coming tomorrow! We are killing our planet! Its the worse thing that has EVER happened!!! When you hear stuff like this you think that you are either reading a children’s story about a talking chicken or watching the news or listening to our government leaders.
I try really hard to stay away from criticizing our elected officials because they have a hard job to do and I know from experience that you can’t please everyone. But there is a trend in Washington that is driving me crazy and it is the trend of calling everything a crisis. If everything is that bad then forget about what people say and fix it or quit calling everything a crisis before we stop listening to what Chicken Little has to say.
Just yesterday our president said that he could not guarantee the American public that social security checks and military retirement checks would be able to go out unless we raised our debt ceiling. I’m sorry, I thought my social security was in a “lock box” and now you’re telling me that you have to borrow the money to pay it? He told us the when he was elected that it was the worse economy since the great depression and yet two and a half years later things are even worse. He told us that if we would spend trillions that our economy would turn around and it hasn’t. He tells me, the general public that I have to do my part to help by cutting back and conserving, but he wants to spend more money. He complains about people who own corporate jets and he flies around the world in a 747 and a helicopter.

My wife and I took a hard look at our finances when I had to take a pay cut and our business went under. We both decided that hotdogs were good enough and the steak could stay in the grocery store. We started not traveling and taking cheaper modes of transportation if we had too. We watched every dime that came in and went out and the first thing that we did was stop any extra credit. No more visa, department store, or gas cards. We only paid for what we could afford. And you know what happened? We made it. Now we have far less debt and still don’t want any more. We are able to do more in the line of wants verses needs, but our financial status is better than it was when we started.
If we had taken the government approach, we would have borrowed as much money as we possibly could to pay the debt that we already had. We would have given some of it to people who aren’t doing anything to deserve it. We would have complained that the banks were evil for giving us the money, yet never once consider that we asked for it. We would find our rich uncle and tell him to pay our bills, even the new ones we were so irresponsible to get. And if that rich uncle didn’t want to give me HIS money, we would call him evil and greedy.
Sadly, the sky is going to fall on America one day if we don’t start acting like we have some common sense. We need to remind the government that it is our money they are spending, and that they need to stop spending and start being responsible with what they have. Americans are tough and resourceful. We can plant gardens and raise chickens if we have to in order to feed our families. We don’t mind cutting back and tightening our belts and working through a tough time. But we don’t need our leaders trying to scare us because they want to be reelected.
Here’s a novel idea. What if politicians did what they were supposed to. Protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. Provide an environment that encourages people to become self-sufficient. Don’t spend money you don’t have and don’t borrow from people who want to see our country fail. What if they did the right thing and let people decide to reelect them based on their job, not their talk or threats.
This is only a blog and I know that things are far more complicated than I stated, but the fact is, if I am out of money and you are out of money, shouldn’t the government be out of money? And if that is true, me borrowing and you borrowing and them borrowing will not make us better off.
Please Washington, stop trying to scare us with idle threats because you aren’t getting your way. We are scared enough because some are getting their way and it is not for the benefit of the people of this country. The sky is not falling…yet.

5 Comments to “The Sky Is Falling!”

  1. Tim Fowler for president! Dave Ramsey for Treasurer!

    • I keep telling Tim the Government should bring Dave Ramsey in to help them balance the budget. No one would want to do or hear what he has to say but I believe he could straighten out the mess we have for sure.

  2. Love Love this post!

  3. A couple of problems with this post: No one ever said that Social Security was in a lockbox. Al Gore tried to push the idea, but Congress (both Democrat and Republican) over the years has gotten used to raiding that particular piggy bank.

    The economy was indeed the worst since the Depression when Obama was elected, and now it’s actually quite better; however companies aren’t hiring. Why? Because they figured out that with such a bad economy, people were so afraid to lose their jobs that worker productivity skyrocketed. Corporations have rode out the storm through this productivity spike (and stimulus to provide additional demand) and have posted record profits as a result, all the while not hiring new workers. The stock market is trading at the same level as it did in 2006 prior to the recession.

    As to the President’s transportation… what do you suggest the President of the United States and Secret Service agents travel in? Or would you rather he go without security? It’s a very poor analogy to compare the leader of the free world with a corporate big-wig.

    I do agree with you on one point though. We have to cut back on our spending. The question is, what do we cut back on? The elephants in the room are Social Security (767 billion), Medicare (492.3 billion), and Defense (925.2 billion). If there is to be any meaningful discussion about the deficit and national debt, these three items HAVE to be on the table. Unfortunately, neither party wants to have a legitimate discussion about cutting any of the three because of the political suicide involved. Either you alienate a group of people known for being active in politics (seniors), or you open yourself up to attacks that you are leaving America defenseless (despite the fact that we spend SIX TIMES as much on defense as the next highest country, China).

    So what do we do? The only way to get the attention of the American public that is so tuned out to how the world works is by calling it a crisis. And in this case, it actually is. As you stated, we MUST get our budget under control. Personally I think it’s going to take some sacrifice in the form of both higher taxes (likely a return to the 90s brackets) and spending cuts. That’s the quickest way for us to reverse this course of debt and put America back on top as the economic strong house of the world. I can only hope that our leaders in Washington come to this realization sooner rather than later.

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