I Need Your Prayers

by pastortimfowler

I feel very blessed to have people as wonderful as my church folks in my life. I have so little to complain about and even when I do have stuff I try to keep them under wraps. I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am and I know that God has blessed me far more than I deserve. From time to time I get feeling overwhelmed at how awesome God is and how I deserve nothing as amazing as my life is.
It is hard to follow such statements as I just made with a prayer request, but I do need your prayers. For years I have suffered with chronic back pain. On good days the pain is like a that of a bad headache and on the worse days it is like having a knife lodged in my lower back that causes shooting pain if I move the wrong way. Normal days it is like a bad toothache and few things help to give any relief. It effects my sleep because being in any one position for too long hurts, so sleep is rarely more than an hour uninterrupted.
That said, I don’t want sympathy. I can function and have learned to accept it. But I do want your prayers because it sometimes wears me down and in times of spiritual battles and stressful situations this can be a challenge. Now is one of those times. There are many things happening that require my focus and Satan is masterful at taking advantage of our weakness. One thing he can’t defeat is the prayers of God’s people.
The Apostle Paul had a physical problem that He wrote about and God told him the His grace was sufficient. Paul accepted that and I do too. But Paul also knew the power of prayer and often asked for it from those he loved and was not ashamed to do so. Even Jesus asked for prayers in His moments of pain and stress. So I guess I have nothing to be ashamed about, I am in good company among those who have asked for prayer.
Usually, these things level off in a week or so, and I even have a vacation coming up next week. But in the mean time, if you be so kind as to pray for me, I would be grateful.
God is so awesome and He never gives us more than we can handle. We just need learn when to pass some stuff off to others and say, I need your prayers.

5 Comments to “I Need Your Prayers”

  1. will be in prayer for you…Kim

  2. Never hesitate to ask the people that love you for a little bit of help and/or prayer! I will focus prayer on you..since you are my favorite pastor and all! 😉

  3. I have had serious back pain where I couldn’t move but not pain on a daily basis. I can’t imagine and will pray for you. Happy to see someone turn to God’s healing power.

  4. I have had serious back pain where I couldn’t move but not pain on a daily basis. I can’t imagine and will pray for you. Happy to see someone turn to God’s healing power. My scripture today was
    Psalm 30:2 you need to read it.

  5. I work as a volunteer with a pain support group here in England run by our Church – last night I was asked to lead the prayers at our next meeting which I have never done before – I felt truly daunted being asked to do this I simply didn’t know where to start. I asked God for help this morning and your request was at the top of the search I made. What you wrote has given me the courage to lead these prayers and the theme that I can use to write them. We will remember you in those prayers. Your pain has been a blessing in disguise. Thank you and God Bless. Sue

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