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July 11, 2011

Only You Can Say It

by pastortimfowler

This past Sunday I had a guest speaker at our church. He was a friend who I had met through my associate pastor and we had planned for him to preach several months ago. I find it hard to not preach on Sundays. I LOVE to preach. I LOVE my church and its people. But I also know that from time to time God wants our church to hear something different.
Matt is an ex-Marine, one of the Navy’s finest soldiers, and now works as a government contractor and with the Gideon’s. He has a passion for God’s word and for people and it definitely showed in his sermon. He challenged us all to consider the demands of discipleship and did it well
I rarely get to sit back and listen to someone preach on Sundays. The people I work for rarely give me a Sunday off and expect me to work during normal church hours. When I get that rare Sunday off, it usually means that I am on vacation and attending another church, so to sit around with my own church and be fed the word was refreshing.
I know that people have differing opinions on preaching styles. I have developed a style that allows me to sooth and relax people to the point of overcoming insomnia. When I first started preaching I was very mechanical and then got very methodical and later became hallucinogenic. The point is that there are many different preaching styles and none of then are wrong as long as God’s word is being preached. The Apostle Paul said that he did not speak to the church with eloquent words and soothing speech, or in other words, he was not a good public speaker, but no one can deny his effectiveness in sharing the Gospel.
Every one of us who claim to be Christians have a responsibility to share Jesus with whoever will listen, whenever they will listen. We must be bold to speak and not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You never can tell who needs to hear what you have to say in the unique way that only you can say it.