Casey Anthony Trial

by pastortimfowler

I for one, am thankful for the end of the Casey Anthony trial. I am saddened by the fact that a small child was killed, no matter who did it or how it happened. But the reality of it all is that this happens all the time and we don’t get that upset. Many children are killed everyday out of convenience for the mother’s lifestyle and some even fight for that right to kill. Its called abortion. I think a child is a child no matter how young. One thing that I am certain of is that God will let no sin go unpunished and by the same means He can forgive any sin if asked. But this is not a blog on abortion.
You know it wont be long before something else overtakes the world’s news outlets. Since we have a 24 hour news media, they constantly bombard us with “news” that is not really news at all. It is speculation and opinion. America has become addicted to having people tell us what to think and how to think and who to believe or like. We have lost our ability to think for ourselves. I get so disgusted with how gullible people are and how they form opinions that effect their whole life solely based on what the hear and see on TV or the internet.
When I was in elementary school, the science books taught that a new ice age was coming. I think I missed it during my experimental years of drugs and alcohol. We were also told that if the Soviet Union ever bombed us with a nuclear weapon that we should duck and cover. No one in the media ever questioned either of these and as a child I kept thinking about how stupid these two things were. And ice age? It rarely ever snowed then and because I live in beautiful South Carolina, home of the Gamecocks!, (sorry for the shameless plug) it still doesn’t snow. I asked my teacher about it and she told me that it was a limited ice age and only the colder areas of earth would experience it. Duh.
I asked about the nuclear bomb thing and how radiation worked. The teacher told me that we should be more concerned with things falling on our heads than the radiation. I asked her if it was okay to microwave a cat and she said no it would kill it. I would have never really done that, but I did drop a marble on a cat’s head and it had little effect.
So now we know that we are killing the planet with CO2 emissions. We know that electric cars are the answer. I guess there is no CO2 emitted from the power plants that will have to work extra hard to produce more electricity as we all plug-in our cars. I really love the idea that our power grid can even handle the extra use. We already have brown outs and black outs in the summer due to increase usage and now we all need to plug-in cars? Here is a suggestion; why don’t we all use sails on our cars and skip the windmills and batteries?
We are told that one day the financial situation in Greece is so bad that the whole world’s economy will fail so the stock market dives 150 points. The next day, it isn’t that bad and it rises 200 points. We are told that if we would spend a few trillion dollars that the economy of the US won’t get worse, it does get worse, so we are told we need to spend another trillion or so. At the same time families in the US are told to tighten their belts and pinch pennies. We invest in Brazil to drill for oil and stop drilling in our country because it is a global disaster we need to avert. I forgot that Brazil is not part of our globe and I think it sucks having to pay $15 to fill a motorcycle.
We live in the greatest country on earth. We can solve any problem put before that we put our minds to. The problem is that most Americans have stopped thinking for themselves. Even more, we have stopped letting the Bible be our source of truth and let what we believe come from a bunch of media hype.

3 Comments to “Casey Anthony Trial”

  1. I love it!!!! Keep telling it like it is! We…as americans have gotten so lazy and wait for everyone else to do everything for us! We have gotten to be as my grandfather would say “we’ve gotten to big for our britches”! We think that we are too good to work hard, sweep streets, etc.! We need to humble ourselves and get back to putting God first and trusting in Him…NOT the media! We need to let our lives consist of, God first, family second and school third!

  2. Wow! I LOVE this one! I agree with everything you said. Ha ha


  3. I’m not surprised by the amount of people that were shocked with this verdict…I AM surprised by the amount of people that have made ‘get over it’ ‘move on’ and ‘it is what it is’ comments.
    It’s so funny to me how many of these same people will spend an entire season dwelling on sports scores and draft possibilities. ….or movie reviews…or celebrity news…or fashion updates…or their own life drama’s. “Get over it.” “Move on.” “It is what it is.”

    Yes, there are abortions taking place every day…yes, there are innocent children being murdered every day…yes, God is taken out of something else every day…no, the media and public don’t place focus on EVERY bit of THOSE tragedies on a daily basis…but, as individuals, we have the mind, the power and the right to focus on what WE want to focus on…some of us are able to put focus and prayer into EACH of these tragedies, including the injustice done to this one little girl that caught our hearts and attention.

    This case, like all of the others, will lose its shine and be a distant memory over time. Just like those football scores and Patrick Swayze’s death and leggings coming back into style and your Aunt Martha talking junk about your Aunt Janet because she hasn’t spoken to your 3rd cousin Ruth in 3 ½ years.

    God being taken out of our schools, our government and our homes is a REAL problem. A problem that should be focused on and prayed about EVERY day, NO matter what’s going on in the media or in our personal lives.
    I, for one, am able to focus and pray about THAT, AS WELL AS a ‘media story or two’ that grab my heart.

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