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June 6, 2011

God Does Not Need A Wife

by pastortimfowler

A 6-year-old boy asked his mom, “why God does not have a wife?”. There is a very quick answer: God is smarter that we are. (1 Corinthians 1:25 God’s nonsense is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.) But I cant’ resist having a little fun with this one.
I will start with a little more detail and seriousness to the question.
God does have a wife. Israel is described as God’s wife in the Old Testament. The church is the bride of Christ in the New Testament. Both of these are only used in the sense of helping humans understand the intimacy in which God wants in His relationship with Him and humans and not the physical sense that we think of in marriage.
God does not need help. He gave a wife to Adam as his helper, and we all know where that got him. God chooses Christians to be his help in building the church but we get caught up in stuff that is not important to that cause. But as far as having a wife like Him, God is unique and there are none like Him.
A wife for God would mean the Bible would have to be totally re-written. First, there is no way God would have finished creation in 6 days with a wife. She would not have allowed spiders and other bugs to have been created. She most certainly would not have let Adam and Eve be left naked and a commerce system would have been created before woman was ever formed in order to allow for shopping to be a form of worship.
A wife for God would have meant that the flood of Noah’s day would have never happened. There is no way she would have ever allowed Noah to built a boat, knowing that a boat would eventually lead to fishing. But if she would have allowed the boat to be built, we would not have but a few really cute animals today because most of the stuff would not have been allowed on the same boat with the kids.
A wife for God would have meant that Abraham would have never had children. There is no way that certain thing that makes babies would have happened that late in life.
A wife for God would have meant that Solomon would not have the hundreds of wives that he had. He would not have been given the wisdom to be the wisest man to ever live, that would have been given to every woman equally.
A wife for God would have messed up the plan of salvation too. If God had a wife, she would have insisted that every child be born of a virgin or that man have children and either way, that aint happening
A wife for God would have meant that heaven would be a place for mainly women because it would have ended up decorated by God’s wife and most men wouldn’t be caught dead there.
A wife for God would mean that this verse is wrong: Psalms 93:1, The Lord rules as king! He is clothed with majesty. The Lord has clothed himself; he has armed himself with power. The world was set in place; it cannot be moved. He would not be clothed in majesty because she would not like anything He picked to wear.
The biggest reason God does not have a wife is because God is truth. Even though that would stay the same, He would have to say that He was wrong and say I’m sorry, just to have any peace to give as a spiritual fruit.
God does not need a wife.