And The Winner Is…

by pastortimfowler

In case you did not know, last night was the finale for American Idol. In case you didn’t know, I am glad its over. In case you didn’t know, Scotty won. In case you didn’t know, it was the longest 2 hours of my life and I had it DVR’d so that we could fast forward through the 1 hour and 55 minutes of crap before they announced the winner.

I think that I am officially old because I did not get 90% of the music that was played and I certainly didn’t get why they chose the artists that they did to do the finale. It was like they had a bunch of names in a bowl and the bowl spilled and they just grabbed a handful and said “these will have to do”. And if I never see Lady Gaga again, I will take it as a sign that God really does like me.
I thought AI was supposed to be a family show. I am sure that there were millions of kids under the age of 15 watching it. After all, the 2 finalists were teenagers. But if I had kids at home, I would have not let them watch the show. As much as I like Steven Tyler, it is hard to understand why the network made such a big deal about his profanity early in the season, then did a tribute to it on the finale. J-lo is beautiful, but I wouldn’t want my daughter shaking like that for any reason. Randy was in it to win it though. Almost every artist had a sexual overtone to their performance and did I mention that if I never see Lady Gaga again, I would feel blessed?
I felt bad for the girl who was the runner-up. Here is a 16-year-old who had to sing a song with her idol, Carrie Underwood, and had to sing a song that there is not way that she could relate too. I mean, Carrie has had many other hits that a 16-year-old could sing without any problem at all? I like the song and I am not a prude, but the girl could not know about the meaning of that song. And why not let her sing, Jesus Take the Wheel?
I did like the humor that was thrown in from the other contestants who had been voted off. With a few exceptions, I think that this group really did form some friendships.
My honest side of me has to say that I did not think that Scotty would win. From the beginning I said that he did not have the “wow” factor with his vocals that the others had. I really thought the girl would win. I do know this; that many who did not win AI have gone on to do really well and I think that we will hear from her in the future. But Scotty pulled it out.
I believe he did it because he was genuine. Every time you saw him he was the same person and something about him made you think that he was already a star. I heard him mention a few times throughout the season about how he was a person of faith in God. He did not flaunt it and did not make it seem like he was better than anyone else. I think he was a great example of a Christian in the spotlight. The best part about the whole show last night was when a 17-year-old young man said, “first, I need to thank the Lord, who made this possible”. Under all the pressure and excitement of the moment, he was who he had always been, a believer in Jesus Christ.
And the winner is…

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