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May 25, 2011

No Particular Reason

by pastortimfowler

While waiting for the mail to run, I saw that it was not going to happen. The mail has no legs, and therefore it will not run. But I did see a fly walking and thought to myself that it would be really cool if it never flew again. But it didn’t happen. I needed to call a friend today and when I went to dial the number, I realized that touch phones don’t let that happen. Dials on phones are a thing of the past. Someone complained that it was too hot in the office and asked me to turn up the AC and then got upset that it got hotter because I turned it up to 80 when it was on 75.
Jesus said that you must be born again and it freaked people out because that didn’t make sense. God said be holy because He is holy and that is impossible, all we can do is try. Paul said that when we are weak, God is strong and that we all do things that we know we shouldn’t and don’t do things that we know we should. Jesus said the greatest among us will be the servants and last time I checked, most people want someone else to do it. He told us that the rich would have a hard time getting into heaven and we still want to win the lottery. We hate giving what God tells us to give but we have no problem giving more than a car is worth the day we get it financed. Many hold grudges against people for a long time and expect God to forgive them right away.
Just a few random thoughts for no particular reason.

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