I Complain Too Much

by pastortimfowler

Yesterday my phone rang and the person on the other end asked how I was doing and I responded I am hot and I sure wish it were cooler. Just a few days ago I was complaining because it was so cool and for mid to late May I was ready for warmer weather. Today I was moving some lumber for a family member and was murmuring about how hot it was and that this was going to be a long summer. Earlier in the year we had a shot of winter that gave us snow and blustery winds and I complained about how cold it was and then as the weather mellowed and we did not get anymore snow, I complained because we didn’t get more snow than we had and said that if it was going to be warm it might as well go ahead and get hot for the summer.
I love being in the south. We get just enough of each season to say we have four seasons and I love the changes and love certain aspects of each season, but I always find something to complain about when it comes to the weather. There is something in all of us, I think, that gets us complaining when it comes to the weather. As much as we like the good, it doesn’t take much to make us turn negative.
It is a beautiful day today. It is hot, but I really do like it hot. It means I can ride my motorcycle, I can go fishing, I can sit under the shade of a tree and sip something cold to drink while I read or blog. I am not sure why I complained earlier about the weather. I really want to look into why I complain too much.

One Comment to “I Complain Too Much”

  1. How FUNNY that this is your blog entry today!! If you figure out why you complain about the weather so much, let me know. It was about 1.5 hours ago that I responded to a friends, “It’s hot today!”, with, “I know. When it’s COLD out, I complain…when it’s HOT out, I complain…can’t seem to be pleased when it comes to the weather.” Hmmph…complainer.

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