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May 20, 2011

They Get It

by pastortimfowler

I will be brief with this blog today, although I should or could go on for quite a while. Over the last few weeks, our church has had many challenges that could have caused heartache in many ways. There have been needs from individuals and needs for the building and spiritual needs as well. All of which have been met and or exceeded.
When stuff like this happens, I have to hold back the pride that swells up in me. I know many pastors who would love to have half of the response to these situations that we went through. They are not unique to us but certainly do hit home for any church that experiences struggles of different sorts.
I consider myself to be extremely blessed as a pastor. Teaching what the Bible expects Christians to be can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. Human nature wants us to be selfish. We have the desire to look out for ourselves first and think of the needs of others if we have anything left. But not the folks of The Body. They have taken the idea that God gives and so we should too and ran with it. They have stepped up and stepped out in faith to do things that might have been considered to difficult to accomplish if nothing else, for now.
Jesus said the greatest on earth will be the servants. He set the bar high and led by example. Many in our church who have stepped up and met these needs have only been Christians for a short time, yet they have achieved a level of greatness that many take years, if ever to get. They serve in ways the make me humble as a fellow servant and proud as a pastor that will one day give an account for them. I know that we are far from perfect, but I do believe that we are great in the way Jesus meant.
Sure, we have a long way to go and I will be foolish to think that something else won’t come up. It would be crazy to think that someone somehow will get prideful and selfish, and I am sure that we will drop the ball from time to time. But we will learn and grow and continue to serve Jesus and we serve others.
Thanks to the great people at The Body. They get it!