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May 19, 2011

Just Ask

by pastortimfowler

This morning I woke up early and had a horrible head-ache. I did not sleep much last night for a couple of reasons. First, I made the mistake of turning the Braves game on and it was a close game that went into extra innings, and it was played in Arizona, so it was a couple of hours behind us. Second was, and I believe that this was the main reason, I sat in on our church’s Wednesday night lady’s Bible study. Although I really enjoyed it, my head was filled with questions that they had asked me. Although I try to give the best answers that I can, when asked a lot of them, and some were tough ones, I always question whether or not I gave the best and most accurate answers possible. So I laid there try trying to remember the questions and the answers and of course watching the game.

If you are a guy and you have never been asked to sit in on a room full of women so that they can ask you questions, you are a blessed man. It is a lot like being a steak hung in front of a group of lions. (don’t take that they wrong way, however you were trying to twist it). But if you are an adrenaline junky, it could be right up your alley. For a pastor, it is humbling, to say the least. I think there were 15 women and most of them were hungry for the Word of God, and I was blessed to be there.
So many people go through their Christian life and never ask questions. I am not sure why. I do know that some do not know what to ask because they do not read the Bible and therefore don’t want to sound foolish. Others I believe think that they know it all and don’t have to ask. But I am not really sure why most people are afraid to ask about the things that deal with faith.
When Jesus was teaching His disciples, they asked questions. They asked about the kingdom that was coming and the kingdom that was in place. They asked about forgiveness and the asked about sin. They asked about miracles and healing and even where they were going to get food from. They even asked Jesus to teach them how to pray and to increase their faith. These guys had no problem asking questions and we could learn from this.
Sometimes we are scared away from asking questions because of the way others have treated us in the past when we asked. We have all heard that there are no stupid questions only stupid answers, but those stupid answers can make us not want to ask any more. I had a coach one time who quoted that “no stupid questions” thing to us all the time. Then when you asked him a question, he would tell you “that was a stupid question.”
God set the church up in order to have people in place that can answer questions. He gave gifts to those in the church like, teaching and preaching and prophesy. He told us to go and make disciples of others and that means to teach the ways of Christ. Hopefully we are teaching like Christ taught, with love and patience and a desire to spark curiosity enough to ask questions. God wants His people to be a family and families asks questions and raise up children in wisdom and in love.
Years ago I found out that when God allows you to learn something about Him, He wants us to tell everyone else that we possibly can about it too. God is so incredible that there is no way that anyone will every know everything about Him. Him is constantly revealing Himself to anyone who will seek to know Him. He desires us to ask the deep and intimate questions about who He is and what He wants from us. He loves it when we ask questions. Often He will answer us directly, but from time to time He want us to ask others. The Bible tells us to seek Godly wisdom and follow the leaders that He has in place. If He has placed these leaders, then they have the same heart to teach God’s ways and a desire to be asked the questions and give loving answers.
I love teaching God’s word. I know what He did for me and how He forgave me of so much and restored everything that was important to me. He blessed me to have a great family and most of all, a godly wife who shares my passion. He has allowed me to pastor a church that is full of people who desire to know God better and aren’t afraid to keep their pastor awake at night because they ask a lot of questions. And if I don’t have an answer I am not afraid to tell you that I don’t know, but love the challenge of seeking the answer, even if it means asking a few questions myself.
Please, learn ask many questions as you can about our awesome and loving God and Savior Jesus Christ. If you don’t know something about Him, just ask!