by pastortimfowler

Sometimes God puts you to the test. Is your faith strong? Do you trust Me? Do you still find the joy and peace, even in the storm? I know that we are all tested and yours truly is not excluded.

I think if I could rewind the whole day I would have chosen to over sleep instead of being punctual. I think I would have gone on a long ride on the bike and found a lake to sit by for a while. Then I would have had a great lunch with my wife and we would laugh as we look forward to the rest of the day. After lunch, I would have read my Bible and prayed some happy prayers and maybe even called a friend just to say I am thinking about you. But that is not the way it has gone, all the way through late this evening as I finally get to stop long enough to do a quick blog.
I was told this was therapeutic and that it would help me get some stress out. I will let you know; one day.
My faith is strong. Yes, I trust God. My joy and peace are pretty good, even in the storm. I thank God for His patience as I live the life that He has given me. But my flesh and bones…right now they are just saying, “blah”.


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